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Rwraps™ Velvet Vinyl Wraps 

Rwraps™ Velvet Vinyl Wraps 

Velvet's smooth, soft texture is unique, attractive and eye-catching. With Rwraps™ Velvet vinyl wraps, you can truly pimp out your interior in style, wrap your hood or velvetize your headboard. The sky's the limit when you use Rwraps™, so pick up a roll or two today and restyle it all now!

What Is Velvet Vinyl?

This type of vinyl has a texture similar to genuine velvet but without any shedding. A velvet vinyl installation looks and feels just like a genuine velvet material. Compared to velvet, the vinyl alternative:

  • Is easier to clean.
  • Is more affordable.
  • Can last longer.
  • Lacks fine particles that will shed.

Vinyl velvet films are pressure-activated and designed to adhere without bubbles. They have the potential to look professional-quality in a single application, and you can also order additional adhesives if you need to make adjustments later on.

Real Velvet Feel in a Self-Stick Film

Rwraps™ Velvet Vinyl Wraps are available in five great colors and are indistinguishable from the real thing once you've finished installation. This film is available in three widths and by the foot in lengths of up to ten yards, which means you can get only what you need for any job, saving you time and money. 

Best of all, our suede vinyl wraps are made with pressure-activated, bubble-free adhesives that adhere when you press on them and allow air to escape through invisible channels embedded in the adhesives. What that means for you is a professional-quality result without the fuss or muss of using additional glues or fluids.

Velvet Vinyl Specifications

  • A flocked finish
  • Installation temperatures ranging from 75°F to 80°F, or 24°C to 32°C
  • An end-use temperature range between -65°F and 225°F, or -60°C to 107°C
  • PSA adhesives with efficient air-release channels
  • Conformable to flat or compound surfaces and surfaces with convex and concave curves
  • 3-mil thickness for application stability
  • An easy, dry application process

Rwraps™ Ultra-Suede Wraps Suggested Applications

You can use Rwraps™ Velvet wraps just about anywhere. Here are some of the most popular applications our customers have used our films for:

  • Car, truck and SUV interior and exteriors
  • 4-Wheeler and motorcycle
  • Furniture ad appliance refacing
  • Architectural applications

Whatever you decide to wrap, don't forget to submit your photos and reviews for our $20 Cash Back Rebate.

Applications for Velvet Vinyl

Applications for Velvet Vinyl

This type of vinyl is weatherproof, and you can use it for outdoor or indoor applications. The material is durable and simple to apply like other vinyl, with a texture that makes it stand out. Velvet vinyl is useful for the following applications:

1. Full Car Wraps

Since vinyl can hold up to the elements, many people order weatherproof velvet vinyl for a custom auto wrap. If you want to use velvet vinyl for a full vehicle wrap, it can provide an extra layer of protection for the underlying paint. Vinyl is designed to last, but you will eventually need to replace it like other auto wrap materials.

A velvet car wrap can transform your vehicle's appearance, making it look brand new. Order your favorite color from the options that can all work for a vehicle's exterior.

2. Wrap Accents

If you want to create a unique style without wrapping your entire car, you can apply velvet vinyl to a vehicle's hood, roof or other chosen features. You have many possibilities for creating auto accents with velvet vinyl. Try a color combination that brings out your vehicle's body design's best qualities.

3. Interior Trim Wraps

You can also use this type of vinyl to dress up the interior of your vehicle. Velvet looks good on the dash, steering wheel and trim. Adding a velvet trim can give your vehicle a retro or modern look, depending on the details you add.

4. Craft Vinyl Projects

You can also use velvet vinyl for personal craft projects, whether you want to create miniature furniture, make wall art or decorate household objects. Velvet crafts are simpler to make from vinyl than genuine materials, binding to a flat surface like a sticker without the installer getting out a sewing machine.

5. Home Decor

You can make quick decorations that have the potential last for a long time with vinyl materials. Velvet is a unique option for when you want to renovate your kitchen or add creative new decor to a living space. You can use vinyl velvet in certain applications to repair items once encased in genuine velvet. The texture is so much like the real thing that it's unlikely anyone will notice.

Options for Velvet Vinyl

Velvet vinyl allows for several choices, so you can select the color and size you need for your project. You can also order tools designed for use with these materials. Your options include:

1. Sizing Options

When you're working with velvet vinyl, it's important to have the right amount of material. Measure your working surface to ensure your vinyl will fit the project. Also take any curves into account, which may make estimating how much material you need a little more complicated. If you find you will need a size between the estimate, it's best to choose the option that will leave you with more material.

Velvet vinyl is primarily for large projects like auto wraps, so the options are for a lot of material. Having extra vinyl is better than running out and placing a second order to finish the project. You can correct mistakes or flaws with the extra material if needed.

The following are suggested sizes for velvet vinyl projects:

  • Samples: The smallest size available is 60 inches by 12 inches.
  • Small crafts or modifications: If you're changing up your interior trim or working on a craft project, the sizes that may work the best are 60-by-24 inches, 36 inches and 48 inches.
  • Auto exterior wrap accents: If you're working on your vehicle's exterior, try the 60-by-60-inch, 72-inch, 84-inch, 96-inch, 108-inch and 120-inch options.
  • Full wraps and large projects: For a larger craft project, go for the 60-inch-by-5 to 25-yard sizes.

2. Color Options

This type of vinyl currently comes in five different colors. Your options are red, yellow, purple, pink and black. Although velvet vinyl has less of a range than certain other products, these colors mimic the availability you would find for genuine velvet. If you're looking for a specific color unavailable in the velvet option, you can find other types of specialty vinyl with more variety in terms of color.

Velvet Vinyl Tools

Velvet Vinyl Tools

Vinyl tools make applying your materials easier and faster, whether your project is large or small. When you order for vinyl, you can also select the following optional tools:

1. Application Razor

A vinyl razor makes cutting the thick material much easier and is a must-have for complex vinyl projects. This tool is designed to work with vinyl specifically, so you can avoid trying to find an equivalent tool with a general purpose. An application razor can make precision cuts, trace around curves and tailor edges to fit a complex surface.

2. Squeegee

If you're planning to use your velvet vinyl for auto customization or another larger project, you need a squeegee to press the material into place as you apply it. This tool helps manually apply vinyl sheets without bubbling and can make a difference even for smaller projects like window decals. Avoid do-overs or wrinkles with the right tool for the job.

3. Application Fluid

Application fluid is a helpful tool when you combine it with velvet vinyl or other self-adhesive vinyl. Although optional, an application glue designed especially for vinyl products can help if you want to ensure your application endures. Keep the edges and corners of your project from turning up later with glue you can order when you buy velvet vinyl.

4. Edge Seal-It Pen

Having a Seal-It Pen on hand can smooth edges and corners and help with touch-up repairs. This tool is especially helpful when you want to make sure your project lasts. You can install your vinyl without an edge-sealer, but if you have to fix a mistake or readjust your placement, this tool comes in handy.

Order Velvet Vinyl With Rvinyl

We have high-quality velvet vinyl and other products for any practical or creative application. Contact us if you want more information about ordering.

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Looks great, but PREPARE::
by Lex, Vermont 4.75

review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
This is exactly what I wanted for wrapping my dashboard. Zero reflections, nice suede texture, and so far no peeling or lifting.
-Instant tack, so if you're using a big piece, slowly work your way across, peeling off the release backing. Or have a friend to help lay it down where you want it to sit. I didn't do either of these, and it holds on tight from the moment it touches something. It took some wrestling to get it where I wanted but the piece looks beautiful and OEM.
-Air release is decent, no bubbles remained, and I'm happy with it.
-The adhesive is so strong it almost hurts to peel off your hands. I expect it to stay put for a very long time.
-The suede surface not only looks nice, but it doesn't seem to shed, which is a big deal for me. I've seen cheap "velvet" stuff that just leaves little fuzzy hairs on anything it touches, and which also goes bald after some contact/rubbing. This stood strong during install and I expect it to look nice as long as I have my car. (I should do a test on a sample piece to see how it holds up)

by Q, 4.75

review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
I got my Dodge Charger Scat wrapped. It looks beautiful! I keep it covered as best as possible so it lasts longer (I drive daily), & I haven’t done a rain test just yet (hopefully I can edit my review when it rains). It is hard to stretch & does NOT stretch like regular non-textured vinyl.
review image   review image   review image   review image  

by Cal, 5.00

review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
Great material for wrapping small accents or interior parts.


4.86 | 7 Reviews