Avery Dennison Squeegee for Vinyl Film Applications

Avery Dennison® Blue Felt Squeegee (Medium)

This AVery Dennison® Blue Felt Edged Squeegee is a a compromise between the Rigid White version and the extremely Flexible Red Felt Edge Squeegee. Made to the same exacting standards as all Avery Dennison® tools, we know you 'll love this vinyl wrap and graphics application tool. Use it when you need to apply steady pressure without scuffing or scratching the film.

Price: $9.99

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Avery Dennison FleXtreme Micro Squeegees

Avery Dennison® FleXtreme Micro-Squeegees

This pair of FleXtreme Micro-Squeegees is just what you need to tuck your vinyl wraps under molding and bezels without causing damage. The red squee is softer while the blue micro-squeegee is slightly more rigid. Comes with a convenient case for easy storage, install like the pros in no time.

Price: $18.99

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Avery Dennison Red Soft Squeegee With Felt for Vinyl Film Applications

Avery Dennison® Red Felt Squeegee (Soft)

Perfect for wrapping highly curved surfaces, this Avery Dennison® Soft Red Felt Edge Squeegee gives you the performanc eyou need in a convenient four inch wide package that fits in your hand.

Price: $9.49

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Avery Dennison Silver Squeegee for Vinyl Film Applications

Avery Dennison® Silver Squeegee (Premium)

This Premium Silver Squeegee is made from ultra-durable nylon and is perfect for large format and fleet work. Resharpen its edge after each use and make it last for months if not years. Perfect for laminated vinyl and calendared films too, we know you'll love this Avery Dennison® Premium Silver Squeegees.

Price: $6.99

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Avery Dennison White Felt Squeegee for Vinyl Film Applications

Avery Dennison® White Felt Squeegee (Stiff)

Designed for thicker and more rigid films, this Avery Dennison® Rigid White Felt Squeegee is the right tool for the job. Made to resist flexion but with a felt lined edge to prevent scratches and scuffs, this Rigid White Squeegee is just what you need to push air out from under your graphics and wraps.

Price: $9.49

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Avery Dennison Basic Squeegee for Vinyl Graphic Applications

Avery Dennison® White Squeegee (Basic)

his Avery Dennison® basic White Squeegee is an economy-grade tool which is intended for light duty or single use applications since It nicks and degrades easily. At most, users can expect one or two uses before having to discard it. Most commonly used for applying and braying electrocute signs and letters. Ideal to include as a freebie or giveaway to add value to your next kit, craft or...

Price: $2.99

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The Chizzler Graphic Application and Removal Tool

Lidco® Chizzler

Remove any creases, dents or tiny air bubbles that may occur during your pre-cut window film installation with the Lidco® Chizzler. Give your windows a smooth, premium look with the help of this tool that has the added benefit of being able to remove old vinyl and stickers.

Price: $3.99

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Lidco E.Z. Grip 4-Inch Squeegee Handle

Lidco® E.Z. Grip Squeegee Handle (4 Inch)

The unique and patented design of this Lidco E.Z. Grip Squeegee Handle was created by sign and graphic professionals for all day use. Lightweight yet with enough rigidity to squeegee edges, we know you’ll love the ergonomic design that fits easily in your hand. Enjoy full blade pressure and contact with less wrist strain. Its specially designed end caps and internal fins keep the unused blade...

Price: $6.79

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Lidco Econoline Squeegee

Lidco® Econoline Squeegee

Ever wonder how we the Rvinyl team applies decals without air bubbles? Ridged graphics application squeegees is the answer, get with the program and get what the pro's use.

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Price: $1.99

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Lidco Flexi-Edge Combo Window Film Squeegee

Lidco® Flexi-Edge Combo Squeegee

Originally designed to install window tint film, this Flexi-Edge Squeegee has a rubberized, soft side and a rigid hard side. Perfect for all types of PSA film from vinyl to wraps to tint: you name it and you can apply it with this great tool. Sized at a convenient four inches in width we know you’ll love the versatility and performance of this great Lidco squeegee.

Price: $3.99

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