3M Knifeless Design Line Tape
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3M Knifeless Bridge Line Tape
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3M Knifeless Finish Line Tape
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3M Knifeless Precision Line Tape
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3M Knifeless Tri Line 6MM Tape
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What Kind of Knifeless Tape Should You Use?

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What Kind of Knifeless Tape Should You Use?

When your project requires delicate custom work and precision, the knifeless tape is the best and most efficient way to create clean lines. Knifeless tape allows you to eliminate the risk of harm from a knife blade or razor and any surface damage to your vehicle. You can safely and effectively execute greater creativity in addition to intricate detail work as you cut graphic films and other material due to its absolute precision and accuracy.

At Rvinyl, we offer the highest standard in knifeless tape in our complete selection of the 3M™ brand. Read below for details about each of the six kinds of knifeless tape and the advantages of each to suit your specific project's requirements.

3M™ Bridge Line Knifeless Tape

You can use 3M™ Knifeless Bridge Line Tape to cut vinyl graphics for a professional and even finish. The wider Knifeless Bridge Line Tape enables you to create expert-level, imaginative and individualized works of art on your vehicles during installation.

3M™ designs its Knifeless Bridge Line Tape for use between wide gaps like those between doors, seams, fenders, and low surface energy areas such as rubber seals to extend your continuous design. As Knifeless Bridge Line Tape "bridges" the various gaps across your entire vehicle, it creates a unified and seamless finish from one panel to the next. Another advantage of Knifeless Bridge Line Tape is that you can use it on chrome and digitally printed wraps.

3M™ Design Line Knifeless Tape

This 3M™ Knifeless Design Line Tape is ideal for creating graphic elements and striping on single layers of vinyl that feature curves and contours. Due to its non-braided construction, Knifeless Design Line Tape stretches more than other kinds of knifeless tape to allow for greater flexibility and smoother turns. Knifeless Design Line Tape's easy stretchability also enables it to follow tight contours and switchbacks in designs like flames and inlays with significant curves.

With 3M™ Knifeless Design Line Tape, you can execute custom designs and perfect racing stripes, accents, and highly contoured patterns for a reliable sharp, clean edge. In addition, you can separate Knifeless Design Line Tape from the rest of its roll by snapping it manually. Knifeless Design Line Tape is the perfect choice for your project for single-layer vinyl applications of graphic film.

3M™ Finish Line Knifeless Tape

3M™ Finish Line Knifeless Tape

3M™ Knifeless Finish Line Tape set a new industry standard in achieving a quality finish on vehicle wrapping without using a blade. Knifeless Finish Line Tape is an incredibly durable but conformable knifeless tape that you can use on most vinyl and graphic wrap types. Due to its braided construction, which lends it a more robust and heavier composition, Knifeless Finish Line Tape requires a cutting tool to separate it from the rest of its roll.

While Knifeless Finish Line Tape is less flexible and sturdier than Knifeless Design Line Tape, it is still excellent for executing moderate turns and corners. You can use Knifeless Finish Line Tape for most vehicle wrap applications around areas like door handles, bumpers, and mirrors, as well as single or multiple vinyl layer applications.

3M™ Perf Line Knifeless Tape

This 3M™ Knifeless Perf Line Tape performs perfect trims for laminated and perforated window films, digitally printed wraps and perforated graphics, but it is excellent for use with all types of vinyl film. With Knifeless Perf Line Tape, now you can cut graphic film and other materials without a knife, eliminating the risk of nicks and cuts as well as any damage to your vehicle's surface from a blade.

The flexibility of Perf Line Knifeless Tape carrier tape and high-strength filament allows it to turn smoothly along contours and the edges of the surface you apply it to. When you use Knifeless Perf Line Tape, you can create a uniform relief across rubber molding, and, similar to Knifeless Bridge Line Tape, you can bridge tight gaps for a smooth, seamless finish.

3M™ Precision Line Knifeless Tape

3M™ Knifeless Precision Line Tape is the most effective tape for trimming the highest-difficulty textured and reflective films like metallic and chrome. Knifeless Precision Line Tape is also the optimal choice when you need to achieve a sharper line on 3M™ DI-NOC™ films, precision-rated graphics, and window films. You can also tear Knifeless Precision Line Tape with your hand for faster application, like with Knifeless Design Line Tape.

You can use Precision Line Knifeless Tape for all vinyl and non-vinyl films due to its impressive versatility. Its ability to turn easily in any direction enables it to closely follow contours and curves, and its "sandwich" design with an embedded filament substantially improves its ease of use.

3M™ Tri Line Knifeless Tape

3M™ Tri-Line KnifelessTape consists of three high-strength, ultra-fine filaments that provide ultra-straight cut lines. Its unique triple-lined design ensures consistent and accurate stripe widths across your vehicle's entire length. Like Knifeless Design Line Tape, Knifeless Tri Line Tape is extremely flexible and can mark relatively tight contours and turns with greater ease than Knifeless Finish Line Tape. You can also snap it off from the rest of the roll with your hand for faster application.

Knifeless Tri Line Tape allows you to create vivid pinstripes, gaps, rally lines, and seams with ease and works well with vinyl graphics and window film. Knifeless Tri Line Tape also you to reposition the cut line as needed so you can achieve a higher degree of accuracy on your intended designs without leaving behind any adhesive residue. At Rvinyl, we offer 3M™ Knifeless Tri Line Tape in 6mm and 9mm widths to provide the perfect size for whatever your graphics installation requires.

Trust Rvinyl for Your Next Design Project

What is Knifeless tape used for?

Knifeless tape is utilized by some professional installers and some DIYers to cut vinyl without dealing with tools potentially cutting too much into vinyl. The concept of a tape that can smoothly cut vinyl wraps sounds like witchcraft but we can assure you, it is not. You may think by hearing the term knifeless tape that there has to be some kind of risk involved, right? Worry not, it is completely safe and easy to use. There is a filament running down the center of the tape that you will remove and pull the string for a smooth and precise cut.

How do you wrap vinyl with Knifeless tape?

Apply your knifeless tape to the vehicle or whichever product you are working from. Make sure that you have around 6-8 inches of knifeless tape exposed to the outsides of where your vinyl will be installed. We will call these "tails". Secure the tails to the product for 1"-2" past the edge of the vinyl, the more the better as dangling tails can grab onto things and easily pull up your line.

Now, grab your knifeless tape tail and fold the start back over itself approximately 3 inches. With one hand press your thumb firmly on the folder edge covering 1/2-3/4" inch of the tape. With your opposite hand, get a good hold of the tail, and carefully snap the tail away from the thumb. This will break the carrier tape and expose the center filament line. 

How do you remove Knifeless tape?

Keep in mind that the center filament line is what allows you to cut through the vinyl. To make this cut pull the filament line to the edge of the area where you want to start your cut. Place your thumb on the edge of the vinyl and the filament line. When you are ready to remove your knifeless tape from your wrap, gently tug on the filament to start cutting through the vinyl. Continue to pull back, do not pull upwards.

Pull the entire length of the vinyl until the filament has cut through all intended pieces of vinyl. Remove any excess vinyl and remove the 2 carrier tapes from under the edge of the cut vinyl. With that done, simply use a heat gun to seal your vinyl and seal the deal with the buffered side of your squeegee.

Can Knifeless tape cut through 2 layers of vinyl?

Yes. With 3M™ Knifeless Finish Line Tape you can easily cut through 2 layers of vinyl.

Trust Rvinyl for Your Next Design Project

Knifeless tape is the most efficient alternative to using a knife to trim graphic film and vehicle wrap and allows you greater creativity and freedom for all your design purposes. As the only patented system designed to eliminate the need for a knife during wrapping, knifeless tape proves effective at eliminating costly damage to your vehicle's paint while providing a professional finish. 

Rvinyl's array of 3M™ Knifeless Tape is efficient, time-saving, and easy to use, guaranteeing the best-quality knifeless tape for all your installations and projects. With the perfect combination of style and affordability, our knifeless tape products are sure to satisfy and help you achieve consistently incredible design results that rival those of experts.

Contact or call us at Rvinyl today to order your knifeless tape and save yourself time and money!

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by Scott , Covington, GA 4.50

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I bought the knifeless design line tape and It worked perfect. Took a few tries to get the hang of it but it did what it was supposed to do. A must have for any custom work with curvy lines.
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Messed up order
by Jerry Brierton, 501 spring Dr, Shady Shores, tx 76201 5.00

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Totally bad experience with your company… my order was shipped with the design tape missing. It took a couple of dsys to get confirmation of missing part. They you sent by the slowest method possbble. Almost taking 2 weeks to get missing part. Not scheduled to arrive u til April 4th.. totally delaying my project

Dead Matte Black
by Carguy, 5.00

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The Dead Matte Black vinyl made excellent stripes
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4.88 | 4 Reviews