Lidco E-Z Gripper 30 Inch Wide Media Handler
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Lidco E.Z. Gripper 54" Wide Media Handler
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Get a Grip on Your Vinyl

So you've purchased a vinyl or film, a large one at that. And you're getting reading to apply it, but find that you've hit a bit of a roadblock. The film is really wide, wider than expected. You try stretching or maneuvering, trying to find a way to unfold it without creasing it. You grab some tools or whatever is lying around to try holding it down. And it looks like whatever you grabbed is working, only for it to slide or end up not working out right. Clearly this is going to anger you or frustrate you. If by some stroke of bad luck your material gets damaged from your frantic attempt at salvaging the situation you may feel like quitting this project. It happens, everyone has one of those days. 

Now, there's going to be times when you're incapable of getting another pair of hands to help you with a project, or you maybe you just really take the 'yourself' in DIY to heart and want to do your project solo. That's perfectly fine! Everyone has their own prerogative. So when you're working and you hit a point where you find yourself needing someone or something to hold a piece of material steady, in this case vinyl or tint film, you might wish you could grow an extra pair of arms to hold the material steady. As convenient and creepy as that might be, you can't just use any object lying around and potentially end up damaging the material. Common items you might want to use could warp, tear or crumple your material when you're trying to hold it steady, and other brand items may not do the job right or might not be large enough, such items is as follows:

  • Books
  • Tools
  • Weights
  • Bottles
  • Masking tape
  • Clamps
  • Other brand Grippers

Say you're unrolling a vinyl wrap and you reach a point where it's at a length where you want to start applying but the vinyl might slide around, creating an issue. Or maybe it's just super wide. So you look around and grab whatever is nearest to you. You grab a book, but it's not heavy enough or falls from you tugging on the vinyl, you end up with a creased up vinyl. You set one of your work tools on it and they scuff up your vinyl. You try your bottle but the water but the condensation gathering at the bottom stains your vinyl. You try weights but they just aren't doing the right job and can risk damaging something if they took a tumble. Masking tape will indeed hold your media down, but depending on the type of material it's made from you due run the possibility of having the tape rip off part of your material. Especially with film, that will quickly crinkle, tug and crease it up extremely quickly in a matter of seconds, that is a waste of time, material and money. With clamps, you will get your material secured, and then when you release them you'll be greeted with unsightly markings on your material, another dud. There's an endless amount of variables that can happen that can go wrong to bother taking the chance with these items. Do yourself a favor and avoid these!

However it's not all doom and gloom, there's always a way to properly prepare. So what do you use? Maybe you have an old Gripper or might be looking for other brands? Here at Rvinyl we have the solution to your dilemma. With one of our reliable, state of the art Grippers, you will be able to hold your material without damaging it. After all, we provide quality products that will contribute to you achieving a flawless installation of your vinyl.

Choose The Right Size For Your Project

The Lidco E.Z. Gripper Wide Media Installation Tool™ is a lifesaver for introverts and people focused on DIYing on their own. This tool will save you time and money on vinyl applications. The gripper is available in a 30 inch and 54 inch variant, that will hold and support your material firmly without damaging it thanks to its unique design. Much larger than the usual 12 inch Grippers from competitors. It also works like an extra hand for working with wide graphic materials, so no more needing to wish for extra arms! The E.Z. Gripper maintains even tension of your vinyl so you have to worry about ruining your installation by accidentally dropping the vinyl onto itself. Works easily in horizontal and vertical positions and applies and allows steady control over your material without pre-masking. Sounds ideal right? We think so too.

Due to it holding and supporting film with its optimal shape and working like an extra hand for working with, you will have the option to work with super wide graphic materials. Something our competitors don't really utilize. The E.Z. Gripper Wide Media Installation Tool is quite durable and can handle any accidents or falls, and will consistently maintains even tension of the media to reduce potential creases and avoid accidental folding and flopping of media edges. Since it handles wide materials on both horizontal and vertical levels of installations, it will also apply adequate control to media with or without pre-masking. Though for the sake of keeping your vinyl from getting torn, there's not much need for tape. Either way, we just know you'll love this premium Lidco Gripper.

Stability and Security

Starting a DIY project with vinyl and film is a great way to distract yourself and drown out the noise around you, like stressful news or things simply out of your control. It allows you to plan, focus and work with your hands and enjoy the empowering feeling of utilizing your creative mind and making something on your own. Each media installation you take on will teach you something new and improve your problem-solving skills. Saving money on customizations and not having to take it to professional shops is always a great benefit. Customizing your ride offers you real, hands-on ways to empower your mind and improve your wellbeing. And that's why you should have the ideal tool to aid in that process. With the Lidco E.Z. Gripper Wide Media Installation Tool, installation of any material you utilize in your DIY project will be a breeze and completely doable for one looking to do things on their own. Securely holding down and eliminating potential second hand error from help is always welcomed too. There is no need to limit your vinyl size choices thanks to the Gripper sizes we offer. Preparation is key to getting a proper media installation done and getting flawless, professional results. Choose a Gripper Tool that is the optimal size for your project and get your DIY project started!