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Side Marker Tint

Side Marker Tint

Have you ever wanted to customize your ride yourself? Auto owners wanting to change the look of their vehicles have many options for modifying the headlights, taillights and side markers. Adding side marker tint is a very simple DIY adjustment that can make a car or truck look entirely different.

From vinyl tints and wraps to custom graphics, these kits save money with a DIY self-installation process. Adding side marker tint is a fun way to freshen up your vehicle while staying out of the auto shop. Keep reading to learn about applying side marker tint.

What Is Side Marker Tint?

This type of tint modification is designed to be easily applied to the side markers on your car in a single adhesive strip. If the tint is a pre-cut piece, it is designed to fit over the side marker without cutting but may still need to be trimmed for a perfect fit. If the tint is a custom piece, the adhesive keeps it in place while you cut around it to snugly cover your side markers.

As you apply the tint, you can use a heat gun and a squeegee to help curl it over the curves and edges. The color will look darker if you use side marker blackout tint. You can also change the color of your side markers, depending on the type of tint used.

Different Types of Side Marker Tint

Side marker tint comes in a variety of colors and shades. Since these modifications are not permanent, you can test them or switch them out immediately. Just peel the applied side marker tint off and replace it with a new one.

The cover applications for side marker tint include:

  • Side markers: These illumination devices can be darkened or colored, changing how the lights appear when in use.
  • Side turn signals: Changing the color of the tint over signal lights.
  • Mirror turn signals: Vehicles with turn signals located on the mirrors have this additional customization option.

Side Marker Tint Options

Visible light transmission levels (VLTs) allow only as much light to pass through as the percentage indicates. A lower percentage means less light can pass through. For example, if your side markers are a standard orange and you want to darken them, fit a dark tint to cancel the amount of visible light able to get through.

Auto owners have many light levels to choose from, including:

  • Side marker light tint: A light tint allows a good amount of light through, only lightly tinting the side marker.
  • Side marker blackout tint: This kind changes the color to black and allows little light through.
  • Side marker vinyl tint: Vinyl can change the color and block light from passing through completely.

Side Marker Tint Colors Options

If you're tired of your boring orange side markers, order a tint kit in a color that complements your car's layout and color scheme. Colors are available in neutral tones to blend in with the design or as bright, flashy decorations. If your aim is to alter the color of your side markers, the combination you end up with may come as a surprise, depending on the color of the original side marker.

  • Classic color options: Grey, silver and black.
  • Vibrant color options: Red, pink, gold, green, blue, purple and more.
  • Clear tint: A transparent tint film can protect your side markers from scratches and debris.

The Benefits of Using Tint Film vs. Spray Tint

The pros of tint film are that:

  • It is easily applied and removed without making a mess.
  • You can combine two tint films if you're careful to avoid wrinkling them.
  • You can immediately change out the tint with another color or light level.
  • The tint stays in place without getting on other parts of the car.
  • The tint will be in one even layer, providing the light level described.

The pros of spray tint are that:

  • It may last longer than tint film.
  • It can be rubbed off with the appropriate chemical solution.
  • It can be applied quickly and takes little time to dry.

The Benefits of DIY Custom Cut Kits vs. Pre-Cut Kits

DIY custom kits give you enough material to cut your own shape based on the exact size and style of your side marker lights. This gives drivers creative freedom and avoids having to find a larger pre-cut size.

Pre-cut kits are one-size-fits-most, or they are designed for certain models. Other than that, they work exactly the same as custom cut kits, with a similar application process. You might have to trim around the tint and press it snugly into the edges.

The benefits of DIY kits are:

  • They provide the closest possible fit with a little more effort.
  • You can buy a kit without measuring your side markers first.
  • The kits come with extra sheets in case of errors.

The pros of pre-cut kits are:

  • They have a universal design that fits most vehicles.
  • They can be trimmed during fitting like the DIY kits.

The Best Features of Side Marker Tint

The Best Features of Side Marker Tint

Even small changes to the exterior of a car can make it look new. Auto owners express their personalities with their vehicles. Below are four reasons to try side marker tint:

1. Showcase Your Style With Tinted Side Marker Lights

You might have given thought to tinting your headlights and taillights, and maybe you have even wrapped your whole ride. Tinted or smoked-out side marker lights can create a sleek finishing touch or make a statement without breaking the bank. If you're planning to personalize or customize your side marker lights without paying for aftermarket light-emitting diode (LED) replacements, try tinting them with ORACAL® 8300 or Rtint™ light tint wraps.

2. Lay Them Instead of Spraying Them

If you spray or dip your side markers, you'd definitely run the risk of getting an unpleasant result that you will need to fix later. Spray tinting lights takes time and practice to do correctly. It's common in this industry to hear stories about someone who used spray without careful planning and had to even out the tint or remove it entirely after accidentally blacking the lights out.

Even if you want to use dip, it is about as difficult to apply as spray tint, only it tends to peel in around two years. If you order vinyl tint film from either ORACAL® or Rtint™, you can expect the tint to last around five years while providing an instantly stunning appearance. You can apply the tint without removing the light or taping the windows and panels, which is how you have to apply a spray or dip. The process is simply peeling, sticking and trimming your tint.

Customize Your Side Marker Lights

3. Customize Your Side Marker Lights

Whether you want to use 8300 or Rtint™, you can receive plenty of tint in more than 100 colors. Dark Smoke or Blackout are popular colors, but the array of colors leaves something for everyone. If you live somewhere with many gravel roads or debris from frequent road construction, you might want to consider getting some clear tint film, which can help protect your side marker lights. Whichever color you go with will change the look of your ride for a fraction of the price you would pay to get tint work done in an auto shop.

4. Save Money With the Right Side Marker Kit

Customizing a car yourself is a lot of fun, but the DIY aspect of applying side marker tint also has the appeal of being affordable. You could hire a professional to tint your car, but then you will only be somewhat aware of what you're getting. When you do it yourself, you can choose your own tint for a fair price and avoid the service charge entirely. You will also know about how long the tint will last based on the manufacturer's guidelines.

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Our products are designed for DIY enthusiasts like you who want to personalize the interior or exterior of a car. Stay out of the expensive tint shop or detailer. We stock more than 100 colors, offering ample customization opportunities for when you want your car to stand out from the rest. If you have questions about our products, contact us to learn more.

How to Wrap Your Side Markers

Find Out How to Wrap Your Side Markers in 6 Steps

Quickly and easily add your own, custom style to your ride with a simple, six step side marker wrap using Rtint™ smoke tint film. In less than ten minutes you can completely restyle the look of your Side Markers using our air-release, smoked wrapping film.


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