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caliper wraps

Vinyl Caliper Wraps

For many car owners, their car is an extension of themselves. Many enthusiasts put a substantial amount of time, money and labor into their vehicles. Whether you're cleaning an internal part or adding a decal, it pays to take good care of your car.

Maintaining the look and functions of your car is a great way to spend your money, since it usually ends up coming back to you later. If you spend money to take care of your car now, you're more likely to resell it for a higher price later. Even if you're not planning on reselling it, it's still a good idea to invest in it. The better you maintain your vehicle, the longer it will last. And as long as it keeps running, you don't have to buy a new one.

Caliper wraps are a great tool to keep your brakes working right. The calipers on your car are arguably the most essential part of its brake system. If your calipers aren't working well, your brakes aren't working well — and if your brakes aren't working well, your car isn't working well.

Since caliper wraps usually come in bright, reflective colors, most people assume they are purely cosmetic. While they do make your calipers contrast against the dark colors of your wheels, they serve a practical purpose as well. The wraps serve as a protective barrier, preventing dust, rust, debris and moisture from touching or damaging your calipers.

what are caliper wraps

What Are Vinyl Caliper Wraps?

Calipers, or brake calipers, are a crucial part of the disc brake system in your car. Calipers fit over a wheel's rotor like a clamp and contain the pistons and brake pads. When you press on the brakes, the pistons put pressure on the brake pads, which press against the rotor, slowing the car down.

A caliper wrap is a slab of sticky material, typically made of vinyl, that covers the caliper on a car. Caliper wraps are usually made of vinyl because they have a high resistance to heat and won't get overheated or melt when the car brakes. Since the pistons and brake pads create friction when they press against the rotor, it's important to use high temp vinyl wrap.

Caliper wraps are also easy to take off and change, making them ideal for anyone who doesn't want to make permanent changes to their car. Since wraps are cheaper than caliper covers and easier to apply that caliper paint, they have become popular with car owners who like versatile customization at an affordable price.

why wrap calipers

Why Should I Wrap My Calipers?

Calipers offer a wide range of uses and benefits. Whether you're looking for a stylish accent or to prolong the life of your brakes, caliper wraps have you covered. You can wrap your brake calipers to:

  • Protect the calipers: Wraps are a great way to protect your calipers from dust, rust, debris and moisture. The calipers are more likely to become damaged without the added layer of protection that a wrap provides. When a caliper is damaged, you'll need to get it replaced right away. It can cost more than $700 to repair just one caliper. Since the cost of a vinyl caliper wrap is only about $27 for all four tires, it's much cheaper to prevent the problem from occurring in the first place.
  • Optimize resale value: Installing wraps on your calipers helps to preserve their condition. When any part of your car is maintained correctly, it increases the overall value of your vehicle. So, when you go to resell your car, you'll be able to get more money. Whether or not you leave the wraps on when you sell the car, the overall condition will be better because you took that extra precaution. Even though you're spending money upfront to buy the wraps, you'll get it back — and then some — when you decide to sell
  • Add a personal touch: Aside from the practical usage, caliper wraps can also add a personal touch to your car. You can give your wheels a clean, sleek look with a silver caliper wrap or add a splash of color with a neon yellow one. Then, if you change your mind, you can easily take it off and put on whatever color you want next. Vinyl caliper wraps are a versatile, fun and easy way to show off your personality.
  • Make a temporary change: One of the best qualities of caliper wraps is that they are temporary. If you're leasing a car or only intending to own it for a limited amount of time, caliper wraps are a great option for you. They offer all the benefits of protecting your calipers without permanently altering how they look. When you want to remove them, all you need to do it peel them off.
  • Increase visibility: When you're considering what color to put on your car, you'll also need to decide whether or not you want them to be reflective. Reflective caliper wraps are a stylish way to increase your car's visibility. Your car's headlights and taillights project most of their light in front of and behind your car. Reflective caliper wraps, however, increase visibility on the sides of your car.
  • Get to know your car: Whenever you do maintenance on your car, you learn more about it. Understanding the inner workings of your vehicle is critical when it comes to maintaining it. How will you know how to maintain it if you don't know what it does? Installing any type of caliper protector requires you to remove the wheel, allowing for an ideal opportunity to give all the wheel and brake parts a good cleaning.

3M™ Scotchlite Caliper Wraps

3M™ Scotchlite Series 680 is a Caliper Wrap film that shines brightly when struck by light during low-light conditions. This highly-reflective vinyl is made with permanent adhesives and Comply and Controltac™ technology. Originally designed for use on emergency vehicles, Series 680 films are now used to wrap calipers, rims and other extreme temperature substrates due to its high-heat resistance. Take your wraps to the next level and get to wrapping your brake calipers with eight different colors of Reflective vinyl. Industrial-grade Series 680 vinyl can handle high-heat applications and its permanent adhesive is super-aggressive and won't lift.

ORALITE™ 5300 Caliper Wraps

This ORAFOL Caliper Wrapping film is yours in six different colors in a 3 mil reflective, 7 year durability film. Featuring clear, solvent-based, permanent adhesives, the face of this retroreflective film is compatible with screen printing and thermal transfer.

High-Heat Caliper Film Specs

Whether you want to wrap for safety or one-of-a-kind style, these Scotchlite vinyl wraps are ideal for gentle curves and convex surfaces. Made for extreme weather, Series 680 films resists cold and high-heat so it won't crack or delaminate even in the coldest winters or hottest summer heat. Engineered with permanent adhesives we do not recommend wet application methods to apply this non-repositionable film.

  • All caliper wrap films retains reflectivity even when wet
  • Meets or exceeds Federal Specifications for reflectivity
  • Meant for dry application only
  • 7 to 9 Year Durability

Can You Wrap Brake Calipers in Any Vinyl Wrap?

Vinyl caliper wraps are specially made for their distinct purpose. Manufacturers design the material to withstand the high temperatures they could be exposed to on a caliper. Under no circumstances should you wrap then in anything other than caliper wrap. Any other products that are not specifically designed for calipers could overheat, melt, catch on fire or cause severe damage to your car.

Be sure to always read the instructions for any part you add to your car. Doing minor car alterations at home is a great way to save money, but you should only use products and materials for their intended use. If your car stops working because you destroyed your brakes with the wrong caliper material, you certainly won't be saving any money.

caliper wraps vs caliper covers

Wraps Vs. Paint

There are several ways to protect your calipers. The most popular options are wraps, paint and covers. Each option comes with its upsides and drawbacks. Car type, ownership status, style, budget and level of expertise are all factors you need to consider when picking a variety of caliper protectant. If your primary consideration is your budget, the two cheapest options are vinyl wraps and paint. However, consider the differences between these options before you make a choice.

When you paint your calipers instead of wrapping them:

  • You can't take it off: One of the main drawbacks of painting your caliper is that it's not temporary. Once you've painted your caliper, you can't peel it off like you can with a wrap. You can paint over it with the original color, but the top coat will eventually start to rub off and reveal the color underneath. If you're leasing your car or only intend to own it for a few years, painting your calipers is not the best option.
  • You risk decreasing the resale value: Since you can't take off caliper paint, you won't be able to restore your car to its original state completely. This means you run the risk of decreasing your car's value if you choose to paint your calipers. Just because you like your calipers bright orange, that doesn't mean your buyer will. If your buyer doesn't like the painted calipers, they'll have to spend money to change them after they buy it. Because of this, they won't be willing to pay as much money for your car as they would if it was in the original state.
  • You'll make a mess: Painting your car can be a very messy process. The paint comes in an aerosol can so you have a better chance of getting an even coat, but that also means you have a better chance of getting the paint everywhere. Even if you put plastic over all the areas of the car you don't want to paint, the aerosol paint has a way of getting into the smallest cracks and holes.
  • It takes more time than wrapping: While the cost of caliper paint is about the same as caliper wrap, they are not equal when it comes to installation time and labor. You'll have to take off the wheel and clean the area for both procedures, but it will take much more time to paint than it will to apply a wrap. Painting takes so much more time because you have to first cover the areas of the car that you don't want to paint, including the rotors, wheel wells and parts of the doors. You'll also need to apply multiple coats of primer before you paint and a few coats of sealant or gloss after. This process also requires that you wait for each coat to dry before you add the next one. Depending on your skill level and preparedness, this process could take the better part of a day to complete.
  • You'll have to repaint them: Depending on a multitude of factors, you could need to apply a new coat of paint on your calipers. The type of paint used, the quality of the application and the amount you drive could all factor into the time frame between re-applications. Of the three main options, paint requires the most upkeep.

Wraps Vs. Covers

While there are several distinct differences between caliper wraps and paints, the gap between wraps and covers is even wider. If you're looking for a caliper option that offers the least amount of work to install, wraps and covers are great contenders. However, they still have several differences to consider.

When you use caliper covers instead of wraps:

  • You have to use a specific cover: Of the three main caliper protectant options, covers are the only ones that aren't flexible. This means that the covers must fit the caliper perfectly. Calipers can vary depending on the manufacturer, model and year of the car, so you need to find the cover designed to fit your particular caliper. Any other version of the cover will likely not fit. The limitations of caliper covers often result in fewer options in style and color. Luckily, you can add decals to give it a more customized look. This differs from the other caliper options, as wraps and paint come in several color and style options.
  • You'll spend more money: The most significant downside of caliper covers is that they cost more than wraps. They are by far the most expensive option, making them a less desirable option for car owners with smaller budgets.
  • You don't get the "factory" appearance: Some car enthusiasts place value on a car having a "factory" appearance, meaning it looks like it just came out of the factory. Any "aftermarket" additions are not always desirable. An aftermarket addition, or "generic part," is any part that was made by a company other than the car's original manufacturer. If you're not worried about getting the "factory" appearance, this won't be a problem for you. However, if you end up selling to a car enthusiast that prefers the "factory" appearance, it could reduce your leverage in negotiations.
buy caliper wraps

Where Can I Get Caliper Vinyl Wraps?

If you decide that vinyl wraps are the best option for you, check out all the styles, colors and brands of caliper wraps that Rvinyl has to offer.

Our products offer the perfect combination of style and affordability. Made especially for the DIY and restyling enthusiasts, our vinyl wraps give you the ability to personalize the calipers of your car at a fraction of the cost other shops and detailers offer. All of our products can be removed and are non-permanent.

Rvinyl caliper wraps help customers get the look they want without having to pay exorbitant fees for installation. We design them for enthusiasts that take pride in performing the work themselves. We are all about DIY automotive customization, and we specialize in manufacturing techniques that reduce cost and pass the savings on to the customer. We also offer a rebate program to customers who send us photos of their completed installations.

To get your caliper wraps and other vinyl products, order from Rvinyl now!


Cleaning Your Brakes for Caliper Wraps

Getting Ready to Wrap

Proper cleaning and preparation of your installation space and vehicle are two things DIY installers often overlook but are a must if you want to get good results. Check out today's post and learn how to clean your ride like a pro and avoid wasting costly vinyl wrap film.


Cars You Might Not Want to Wrap

Not All Vehicles Can Be Wrapped

We all know paint is dead but in some cases you really should consider spraying it instead of laying it. Today's post will walk you through some of these cases and give you an idea of your options.


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I have never wrapped or done anything like this before. I also dont have the average displayed/advertised single face flat calipers. But i made these work! I absolutely love them. They reflect well, not too much, definitely not too little. Its been two years, they are holding up through, rain, dirt, soap, power washing. So good I've got a new set on the way for the next car. Highly recommend.
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