3M™ 2080 Series RC Car Wraps
3M™ RC Car Wraps
1080 / 2080 Series Vinyl Film
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Starting at $15.99
Avery SW900 RC Car Vinyl Wrap Film
Avery Dennison™ RC Car Wraps
SW900 Series Vinyl Film
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Starting at $14.99
ORACAL® 970RA 975 RC Car Wrap
ORACAL® RC Car Wraps
970RA / 975 Series Vinyl Film
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Starting at $15.99
Rwraps™ Camo RC Car Wrap
RWraps™ RC Car Wraps
914 / 917 AirTec™ Vinyl Film
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Starting at $9.99
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RC Car Wraps

RC Car Wraps

Whether you want to give your remote control (RC) car, truck or boat a new look or plan to upgrade it, you've got a lot of options. Unfortunately, most of those are expensive. Look online, and you'll find that so-called RC car wraps are usually decal kits made specifically for your make, model and brand of remote control vehicle.

These kits require a lot of skill and patience to apply well, and they usually start at around $50! Instead, wrap your RC car yourself with any one of hundreds of different colors and patterns, and pay a fifth of the cost of RC car skins sold elsewhere. Remote control car wraps come with some major benefits and can help you quickly transform the look of your RC vehicle.

Which Parts of an RC Car Can You Wrap?

You can wrap most materials on an RC car, including fiberglass, plastic, aluminum and carbon fiber. That means you can use your vinyl wrap to cover many parts on your car, including:

  • Fenders
  • Roof
  • Bumpers
  • Dash
  • Rims
  • Mirrors

Essentially, if you can paint it, you can wrap it! You can either choose to wrap the whole body of your RC car, or isolate specific parts and cut your vinyl to fit these areas.

What Are the Benefits of RC Car Wraps?

What Are the Benefits of RC Car Wraps?

There are a few advantages of using a vinyl wrap to customize your RC car: You get to choose a look you love, you don't have to break the bank, you can apply it yourself pretty easily,you can change out the wrap if you want and you can expect it to keep looking great for a long time.

1. Customized

Maybe you chose your RC car because you loved the features it delivers, but the look is a little boring. Or, perhaps you want your RC car to stand out from your friends' cars of the same model. Vinyl RC car wraps are a perfect way to achieve a fully custom look. Unlike with paint, which limits you to color choices, you can also choose from patterns and textured finishes. Your car will reflect your style and stand out from the rest.

2. Cost-Effective

If you've just invested a lot into a top-of-the-line RC car, you may not want to spend much more to customize it. Fortunately, vinyl wraps are an affordable option, especially if you apply them yourself. With RC car body wraps, you can avoid the higher cost of a professional paint job for your RC.

3. Convenient

Many RC owners choose to apply their vinyl wraps themselves with excellent results. The primary tools you need are a heat gun to help the vinyl cling to the car and a hobby knife to trim the material. It's a convenient way to get a new look for your RC car. Painting is a messier project and may not give you the smooth finish vinyl can.

4. Non-Permanent

One of the major pluses of applying a vinyl wrap compared to paint is that it's not a permanent decision. You can always remove the wrap and add a new one if you decide to try out a different look. Most importantly, when you remove the wrap, the original paint job will be intact underneath. If you sell your RC car in the future to buy a new model, you'll appreciate this benefit. 

5. Durable

Vinyl wraps are long-lasting, so if you choose to keep the same look for several years, you can expect your RC car to maintain that professional-looking finish. A UV protective layer helps prevent fading, and the abrasion-resistant vinyl material can hold up to even the dirtiest environments. That means you can race your RC car or have fun with it without worrying about damaging the finish.

How Much Does It Cost to Vinyl Wrap an RC Car?

As with any vinyl wrap, RC car wraps come in a variety of price points. Some of the factors that will affect how much you spend on your wrap include how elaborate your design is and the brand and quality level of the vinyl. Typically, you can apply the wrap yourself, which keeps the cost low. In general, digitally printed RC car wraps usually run between $185 to $350. 

Which Brands of RC Car Can You Wrap?

You'll see wrap kits online designed for specific brands and models. These can be limiting if you don't see one designed for your RC. A better way to go is to purchase vinyl wraps in sheets. Since these sheets cling to the contours of your vehicle and you can trim them for a perfect fit, you can wrap an RC car of any brand, size and shape. 

Here are some popular brands of RC cars that can benefit from the style upgrade and protective layer you get with a vinyl wrap:

  • Arrma RC
  • Axial Racing
  • Blade
  • HPI Racing
  • Mugen Seiki Racing
  • Redcat Racing
  • Team Losi
  • Traxxas
  • WLToys

How Long Can an RC Car Wrap Last?

In general, vinyl wraps are very durable and made to last. Depending on the brand and finish you select, your RC car wrap can last anywhere from three to 12 years. If you plan to keep your vinyl wrap for as long as possible, choose an option like the Avery Dennison™ SW900 Series RC Car Wrap that can hold up for over a decade.

What Is the Best Vinyl RC Car Wrap Brand?

Every brand, series and finish has different advantages, so the best choice is ultimately the one that offers the look and specs you're looking for. 

If you like 3M's products, you'll want to check out the 2080 line, which came out in 2019. This line replaced the popular 1080 line and improved the design to make it easier for DIY-ers to install. If you want a nearly endless variety of colors and patterns to choose from, check out ORACAL® 970 RA and 975 wrapsRwraps™ is an excellent choice if you love the camo look. And, as we mentioned, Avery SW900 wraps will deliver in a big way on long-term durability.

Shop for RC Car Wraps at Rvinyl Today

Shop for RC Car Wraps at Rvinyl Today

With high-quality vinyl wraps from the trusted brands we carry at Rvinyl, you can transform your RC car without having to deal with painting. Plus, you can take advantage of unique patterns and textural finishes you can't achieve with a paint job. 

Our customer support team is here to help if you have questions about the process or what type of wrap you should choose for your car. Reach out to us online. Our priority is helping you get results you love, so you can proudly show off your customized RC car at your next race or recreational event.