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Home Decor Vinyl

Thanks to the wealth of knowledge on the internet, anyone can be an interior designer. DIY projects make it easy to spruce anything up with only some tools, a couple of YouTube tutorials and a few hours of your time. You no longer need to hire a professional for every little home improvement task. By learning how to fix and improve your home, you can save money, acquire a new skill and become an overall savvier homeowner.

Whether you want to add a touch of color to your furniture, reface your cabinets with a wood grain wrap, ad a little privacy to your storm door with an etched glass film or personalize your kids' bedrooms, home decor vinyl is the way to go. With an almost mind-numbing variety of styles, colors and applications to choose from, it's possibly that you could refinish and update every room and window in your house with our lines of interior design vinyl.

One growing trend is using vinyl to cover or decorate various rooms or items in the house. Whether you're looking to spruce up a boring appliance or cover a defect in the wall, vinyl is a versatile tool to have in your DIY arsenal. It's affordable, easy to use and applicable to almost anything in the home. While we'll cover the most common uses for interior vinyl, you can use it on virtually any surface in your home — just be sure to do a little research first to make sure it's safe.

To help aid in your quest for fabulous walls, stunning appliances and brilliant windows, we've created a comprehensive guide to help you with all your interior vinyl needs.

What Is Home Decor Vinyl?

Decorative vinyl is a tool used to cover surfaces, typically as an alternative for paint. It comes in rolls of various lengths and widths, so you can cut it to the size and shape you want. It has an adhesive backing, so there's no need for additional glues. To apply vinyl to most surfaces, you only need a squeegee to remove air bubbles, a razor to cut off the excess material and a source of heat — like a hairdryer or heat gun — to mold the material around corners and edges.

vinyl color options

Vinyl comes in a full range of colors, textures and patterns, so you'll always be able to find the right look. It's also completely removable, meaning you can apply it to a surface, then decide to change it again and again. Once you remove it, you can get rid of any sticky residue by washing it with warm, soapy water.

Since vinyl is temporary, it's a fantastic option for renters looking to spice up their home without losing their deposit. It's also great for the homeowner who likes to change things up, and it helps to preserve whatever it covers, protecting the object from dirt, dust, moisture, scratches and dents.

Different Types of Decorative Vinyl

Decorative and interior vinyl comes in all types of colors, textures and patterns, but the variations don't end there. You can use vinyl to change the color of your refrigerator, limit visibility on a shower door or turn your child's bedroom into a forest. The only limitation of vinyl is what you can think to do with it. To understand everything vinyl can do, you first need to familiarize yourself with the different variations.

types of decorative vinyl

The different types of interior design vinyl are:

  • Wraps: Vinyl wraps are the most common type of decorative vinyl. Wraps are typically opaque and used to cover the intended surface entirely. You should use them if you're trying to change the color of a surface, add a protective layer or conceal dents, scratches or stains. For example, you would use a vinyl wrap to change the color of your refrigerator, protect your guitar from damage or cover a scratch on your laptop.
  • Films: People typically use vinyl films on glass surfaces, like windows, mirrors and cabinet doors. They're mostly transparent or translucent, often with a decorative design or pattern. You can use them on glass to obstruct visibility, limit the amount of light passing through or give the glass a decorative touch. For example, you could put a film with less transparency on your exterior windows for privacy or a decorative film on your glass shower door for a custom look. Films will also protect your glass from scratches, dirt and moisture.
  • Tints: Tints are also made for glass, but they're primarily used to limit the amount of light that passes through. While they're not for decoration, they're a great addition to any home. They can reduce energy usage and cooling bills, shield your furniture and floors from UV rays and offer a degree of privacy.
  • Decals: The purpose of decals is purely cosmetic. Whether you're buying them pre-made or making them yourself, vinyl decals can add a fun and creative touch to any room. You can use them to decorate or cover up any imperfections on a surface in your home. For example, you can put a map of the world on the wall to help your child with geography or create a forest of trees to cover a crack.

What Can I Wrap Or Decorate With Vinyl?

When it comes to decorative vinyl wraps, the possibilities are endless. Whether you're looking to protect or decorate, vinyl is a creative and easy way to get the job done. Along with many other options, you can use vinyl on the following objects.

what to decorate


While most people don't completely wrap their walls, there are several fantastic ways to decorate walls with vinyl. First, you'll need to decide whether you're going to buy a large roll of vinyl and cut out the design yourself or if you're going to purchase a pre-cut design.

You can buy a full range of pre-made designs for your walls — everything from trees to flowers to dinosaurs to maps and much more. However, if you have a specific or unusual design in mind, you'll have to make it yourself. While the process can be time-consuming depending on the complexity of your design, it can also be a fun, creative and fulfilling project. Rest assured, these designs won't cause any damage to your walls, even when you take them off.

If you're looking for wall art vinyl that won't damage your home, office or apartment's walls, we've got just what you need here. ORACAL® 631 vinyl is made especially for use indoors and will not damage your painted walls when removed. Go all out and make your own custom wall art to showcase your unique personality, add a touch of style to your living room or make your kids' rooms truly their own.


Want to refinish your cabinets but have been waiting for your tax refund or to win the lottery? Well, don't wait anymore. Our wood grain wrap films are just what you need to upgrade and restyle your cabinets in no time. Choose from a wide selection of vertical grains and burled woods in a variety of hues and finishes.

Wrapping your cabinets is a stylish way to add a creative touch while also keeping them in good condition. In your bathrooms and kitchen, all the grease, moisture and dirt can damage you cabinets. A great way to prevent this damage is with vinyl wraps. They provide a protective layer and keep cabinets looking new. Vinyl also offers a variety of colors, so you'll be sure to get the look you want. If the vinyl ever gets damaged or dirty, you can easily replace it with a new layer.


Certain pieces of furniture are likely to incur damage in any busy home. Your valuable furniture can be moved, chipped, warped or broken on a regular basis if you don't take the necessary steps to protect it. One way to protect your pieces is with a vinyl wrap. You can use it to cover an old desk that has scratches and dents or add a pop of color to the legs of your chairs. Vinyl will stick to most hard surfaces, so keep experimenting to figure out what works best for your furniture.

Whether you're looking for a high-gloss, modern style wrap from 3M™ or you're searching for a Matte Removable Furniture Wrap we've got what you need. Wrap your IKEA Malm or any other brand of furniture without worrying that you'll damage the delicate finish since we offer removable films intended for installation on drywall and painted surfaces.


Wrapping your refrigerators in vinyl is a creative way to give your kitchen an updated look. If you've got an old refrigerator that has some dents or stains on the outside, vinyl can cover all the problem areas and make it look new. Also, if you're looking to buy a new refrigerator, but the colorful one you want is more expensive, you can buy the cheaper one in white and cover it in vinyl to make it the right color.

You can also buy vinyl that looks like other materials, such as wood or metal — if you put these types of vinyl on your fridge, it'll look like it's made out of an entirely different material.


Who doesn't like appearance of a shiny, new laptop? Now you can restore your Dell, MacBook or Alienware to like-new condition or you can choose from great finishes like a Carbon Fiber or Wood laptop skin for a one-of-a-kind look. Got an idea for something you don't see here? Let us know and we'll see about creating a custom wrap kit for you.

Laptops are another item you can decorate and protect with vinyl. If you travel with your laptop or frequently move it from place to place, this material can serve as a durable protectant against any damage. Since you can easily remove it, you'll be free to change your mind and put a different color or texture on your laptop anytime. You can also use vinyl just to add a personal touch, whether it be applying a small decal or making the exterior of the laptop look like wood.


Got an older guitar or drum set that could use a little TLC? Want to make your electric axe, acoustic guitar or floor toms look trully metal with a Snakeskin or Crocodile Wrap? We've got that and a whole lot more. Pimp out your bass with a Red Velvet Guitar Skin or wrap your snares in Carbon Fiber. Whichever you choose be sure to send in your pics for our photo rebate and to be featured on our site.

Furniture and appliances aren't the only things in your home that you can decorate with vinyl. In fact, you can use it to cover your instruments and protect them from damage or customize them to match your personal style. You can also use vinyl to repurpose broken instruments. Instead of getting rid of an old guitar, drum set or trumpet, use vinyl to turn it into a decorative piece in your home.


Glass presents several options for vinyl wrapping. If you're looking to personalize a mirror or cover a crack in it, you'll find that glass films are a stylish way to get the job done. You can cover the mirror with patterns — like stripes, crisscrosses or polka-dots — or cover it with a more artistic image — like branches, flowers or stars.

You can also cover other surfaces in your home, like glass cabinet doors or sliding shower doors. Try adding a frosty sheen to the shower door so that you can't see into the space, or create the look of cut glass on your cabinet doors.

Want to add the look of a Franklin Lloyd Wright style window in your kitchen but don't want to replace it with costly stained glass? Our Translucent and Etched Glass window films will do the trick Easily cut in your Cricut or Silhouette machine, you can also cut it by hand.

Looking for something a little more professional that will work right out of the box? Try our line of 3M™ Fasara Architectural films. Made for the ultimate in style and refinement, you can add a touch of sophistication to your glass bathroom partitions, storm doors and more.


Since windows are glass, they're also a part of your home that you can improve with vinyl. You can apply many of the same vinyl designs described in the previous section, plus much more. Add a tint to your windows so that they let less light in — doing so will also help protect your furniture and floors from harmful UV rays. You can also use vinyl to put a frosted or etched look on your windows — these options make it harder to see through the glass while still letting light in.

Why Is Vinyl the Best Option?

As you do further research into the world of DIY, you'll discover that there's never just one way of doing things. Another option to change the color of your furniture, walls and appliances is to paint them. Depending on the item, you can either use a can of paint and a brush or an aerosol paint can.

Unfortunately, using paint for these types of projects comes with several downsides:

  • Paint offers no protection: While you can use paint to change the color of most items in your house, it won't protect the underlying surface. Paint can easily chip, break and scratch, meaning you'll have to paint objects again in a few years.
  • Paint doesn't come off: Unlike wraps, you can't remove paint easily from a surface — unless you've got some serious chemicals handy. You can paint over a surface that you've already painted, but more layers usually lead to more chips and breaks in the paint. Wrapping is temporary — painting is not.
  • Paint is messier: Depending on the type of paint you use, it can cause a serious mess around the area you're trying to cover. At best, you'll have to use painter's tape to protect certain areas. At worst, you'll have to cover everything close with plastic wrap and open all the windows to get rid of the paint fumes.
  • You can't use paint on windows or glass: No matter what paint you use, you can't get the same effect on glass as you can with a vinyl wrap. Paint doesn't offer any variations in opacity, so you can't use it on your windows — unless you never want to look out of them again.

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How to Get Started

Knowing how to decorate and protect the walls, windows, furniture, appliances and other items in your home is an excellent skill to have.

Picture this: You're shopping for a new refrigerator, and you find yourself struggling to decide between two models of the same fridge. The first one is a red, shiny one that will look absolutely stunning in your kitchen next to the red microwave and toaster. The second one is the same size and shape, but it's just plain old white. Unfortunately, the red fridge is a few hundred dollars more than the white one. Which one do you buy?

The savvy shopper and DIY decorator would buy the boring white fridge because they know they can just cover it in shiny red vinyl and make it look exactly like the more expensive one. But how do you become that savvy, DIY decorator? First, you need to do your research. Find out about the different types of vinyl and how to apply it. Then, you'll need to buy the perfect vinyl for your project. For the best options and the lowest prices, shop at Rvinyl.

At Rvinyl, our products offer the perfect combination of style and affordability. Made especially for the DIY and restyling enthusiasts, our interior vinyl wraps will give you the ability to personalize your home at a fraction of the cost other shops offer. All of our products can be removed and are non-permanent.

Rvinyl wraps help customers get the look they want without them having to pay exorbitant fees. We design them for enthusiasts who take pride in completing the work themselves. We're all about DIY customization and personalization. We specialize in manufacturing techniques that reduce cost and pass the savings to the customer. We also offer a rebate program when customers provide installed examples.

To get your interior vinyl wrap, order from Rvinyl now!

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I loved that the colors were close to that on the website. The shipping was fast. Application was tricky but love the end results. will definitely use again if I decide to change the color palette.
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We first started off with samples of different colors and product lines from Rvinyl, and we landed on the Satin Thunder Cloud. Pleased so far with installation, and how it has turned out. The only thing I would recommend is getting a squeegee with felt or something soft like that. The ones that you can buy here are plastic and it started to scratch the vinyl. Also order more than what you need, I just ran out and need to order more.
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Used this to finish up a vinyl wrap job on a bathroom cabinet. worked great and matched perfect. Highly recommend this product if you are wrapping cabinets.


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