Upgrade Your Ride with LEDs

If you're still riding around with incandescent bulbs it's about time you updated and upgrade to high-performance, low-power LEDs. At Rvinyl, we carry one of the largest selections of automotive LED replacement lights so you can switch out dim, OEM bulbs or if you want to add a little more excitement and custom style to your ride. Use our convenient drop down menu to find out which LEDs work in your vehicle and then choose standard replacements or  a selection of brilliant colors to set off your interior or exterior and complement your color scheme or design theme.

Aftermarket Headlights & Taillights

Speaking of lights, isn't it about time you upgraded your tired, factory lights? Most stock lights only last a few years before they go foggy and hazy on you which limits your visibility at night and during inclement weather as well as making it harder to see the road. But, beyond all of the practical concerns there's one thing a set of new aftermarket headlights or pair of custom taillights gives you that your stock lights don't and that's style. All of our aftermarket replacement lights are made specifically for DIY, plug and play installation and look great once installed so use our product selector to browse our complete selection and we're sure you'll find the projector or halo lights you've been dreaming of.

Restore, Restyle & Protect

We mentioned it above but, without some real TLC, your headlights can get pretty cloudy and milky in no time. If you prefer to keep your ride stock but want the look of just-bought headlights then you'll want to check out our lines of headlight restoration accessories. Whether you choose 3M, Turtle Was or another of our kits, they come with everything you need for DIY restoration.

Rtint® headlight protection kits give you another tool to combat past and future damage. If your lenses are already suffering from oxidation adding a headlight tint kit will conceal the silkiness while give you a cool, smoked out look. At the same time, you'll be protecting your investment from rock chips, bug hits and errant shopping carts. Precut and made for DIY installation you've got nothing to lose and everything to gain so don't wait until it's too late.