3M Rocker Panel Wraps

3M™ 2080 Series Rocker Panel Wraps

With our 3M™ Rocker Panel Wraps you can now show your love for the outdoors on your truck or SUV in more than one hundred different colors and styles with our vinyl rocker panel wrap kits. This easy-to-use kit is designed to fit under or over the moulding on the door from bumper to a on most full-size and compact trucks and SUVs. Choose from matte, satin, gloss or textured finishes and get...

Price: $12.99 Retail: $17.99

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Avery SW900 Vehicle Rim Wrap Film

Avery Dennison® SW 900 Rocker Panel Wraps

Our Avery Dennison® Rocker Panel Wraps are made with Premium SW900 Vinyl with Air Release Channels. We carry the full selection of Avery Dennison® Rocker Panel Wraps including gloss, matte and textured films. Simply clean, heat and apply and you’ll get the style and protection for your SUV or truck’s rocker panels in no time.

Price: $12.99 Retail: $16.99

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ORACAL ORAFOL 970RA & 975 Rocker Panel Wrap Film

ORACAL® 970RA / 975 Rim Wraps [clone]

Whether you want to add a matte or custom look to your rocker panels ORAFOL gives you more options than anyone else with this ORACAL® Rocker Panel Wrap. Take your pick of over 130 unique styles of vinyl wrap films like Carbon Fiber, Honey Comb and give your car or truck’s panels a custom look in no time at all. Once you’ve wrapped your rims be sure to send in your pics for our Photo Rebate.

Price: $15.99 Retail: $18.99

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