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Six Steps to Wrapped Rocker Panels

Have you ever wanted to get that custom wrapped rocker panel look you see in hunting and fishing magazine ads? Have damage on panels or just want to prevent it before it happens? If so, the this 6 Step DIY tutorial is for you. Buy directly from us and pick up a 12-inch by 120-inch roll of Rwraps™ Camouflage vinyl or choose any of our hundreds of other vinyl colors and styles and trim to it yourself. Whatever you choose, you'll love how easy it is to apply a rocker panel wrap to your car or truck and get awesome results.

Clean and Clean Again

We've actually taken the time to write a full post already about the importance of cleaning so if you haven't seen it check it out and make sure you follow all the steps. Your results will literally only be as good as your cleaning and preparation so don't skimp on this step.

Step 1: Preapply Tape to Hold Wrap in Place

Apply a strip of tape to the upper edge of your wrap. By leaving half of the low-tack tape hanging over the edge of the wrap you'll be able to stick the panel wrap to the vehicle for easier installation,

Step 2: Move Wrap into Position

With a partner, move the wrap into place. You can now use your masking tape to stick it into place. Apply additional strips of tape vertically to hold the weight of the wrap.

Step 3: Fold Over Panel Wrap

Fold over about a foot of the wrap, removing the masking tape where necessary. This will allow you to peel away the paper liner in the and to begin squeegeeing the vinyl on.

Step 4: Apply Vinyl Wrap with Squeegees

Working away from the liner and in downward strokes, apply the film. Wrap films have air-release adhesives so it's not important to apply a lot of pressure at first. If bubbles or creases form, lift the film with tension and squeegee down again.

Step 5: Trim to Fit

Once you have applied the wrap and squeegeed out all air, trim around wheel wells and door edges.

Step 6: That's a Wrap

Now that you're done you can sit back and enjoy. If you want to increase the life of your wrap you can consider adding paint protection and applying sealer to the edges.

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