Honda: Precision Crafted Performance

Honda was founded by Soichiro Honda in 1948 as a motorcycle maker after having spent over a decade managing various auto parts companies during the wartime era in Japan. Its initial success with the production of motorcycles using surplus radio generators in a 172 square foot shack was so great that by 1964 Honda had become the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world. It was only after it had firmly established itself as a powerhouse in motorcycle manufacturing that Honda decide to enter the automotive arena by producing auto parts and even field a Formula One race car. Yet, despite this, it would take almost another ten years for the company to gain enough momentum to launch the N600 in the American market. Critical reception to the brand was initially tepid but the release of the 1973 Honda Civic brought about a dramatic turnaround in the public’s perception of the marque and Honda was, soon enough, seen as a sensible alternative to any of the trusted, domestic brands.

Honda Comes to America

Three years after the Civic hit American shores the Accord was released. The Accord was immediately well received and with two powerhouses in its lineup Honda was able to expand into untapped American markets. Although Honda was still heavily invested in its motorcycle manufacturing operations the successes it enjoyed throughout the Seventies with its passenger car lines were so great that by the end of the 1980s the Accord was the best-selling car in the United States. In addition to these gains Honda continued to pursue the development of new technologies with a fervor and fury rarely seen by any company. In fact, Honda is so committed to research and development that it dedicates a whopping 5% of its budget to it and the results of such dedication are readily apparent: the Honda VTEC engine, all aluminum body construction and a bevy of technological advances within the passenger cabin are just some of the products of this investment in research.

Honda Gets Fancy

As the years progressed, Honda only seemed to pick up more steam launching the first Japanese luxury car company, Acura, in 1986. The 1990s saw even greater achievements for the company as sought after vehicles like the Prelude, Del Sol and the sexy S2000 rolled off the production lines and into the hearts of car lovers and enthusiasts everywhere. At the time of writing, Honda has managed to place in the upper echelons of almost every market segment with a variety of cars, trucks and SUVs. The Honda Ridgeline is the brands only four-by-four truck but it has performed well in a segment dominated by domestic brands such as Ford, Chevy and Ram. The Pilot and Element are refined SUVs with great handling, beautifully conceived and executed styling and cabins replete with all the technological comforts one could ask for. The cross-over CR-V is an athletically styled, compact SUV that combines the best of function, form and finesse. And, of course, Honda’s mainstays in the realm of passenger cars continue to be the Civic and Accord.

The Pursuit of Excellence

Honda is a company that represents a true commitment to the pursuit of excellence in both its design and engineering and has become renowned for produce top-quality vehicles that can be depended on for decades after they roll off the lot. This fact alone is what gives Honda’s the highest resale value of any car on the market and which has earned them such a loyal following over the years. As a result of the dependability of Honda vehicles it is not unusual to see tuned out Preludes and S2000s on the road today alongside the latest model CR-Z or Civic. Whether you’re a homemaker, a suburban commuter, a teenage tuner or a straight up street racer Honda has a vehicle just for you. At Rvinyl we get that Honda drivers are a truly diverse group and we offer a range of products and accessories to accommodate all tastes and models of Honda vehicles (this goes out to you CRX owners).

Whether you want to upgrade your vehicle's exterior aesthetic with tints or a spoiler, are looking to enhance your interior with a custom dash kit or simply want to protect your vehicle's finish with a pre-cut paint protection kit we carry an extensive selection of products and accessories designed especially for your vehicle's specifications. Regardless of what product you select you can rest assured knowing that you'll be getting a top-quality product at a great price. Rvinyl understands that when you buy an accessory, tint or protection kit you aren't simply making just another purchase--you're making a statement to the world about who you are and what is important to you. Don’t wait call, chat or email us today and let Rvinyl be your source for custom car tints and accessories.







Rtint® Honda Civic Sedan Headlight Tints

Blackout & Neon Civic Sedan Headlight Tints

There's no better way to tune, restyle and protect your Honda's headlights and fog lamps than with precut Rtint® headlight covers. Choose from tint-only or protection plus tint and pick any one of over a dozen great colors. Add the look of Blackout or Neon shown here or pick Matte Smoke, Chameleon, Blue and more.


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