Kia: Straight Out of Korea

Kia Motors Corporation is the second-largest automaker in South Korea and was first founded in 1944 and takes its name from the Sino-Korean term “ki” meaning “to come out of” and “a” for “Asia.” Like other Asian automakers, Kia began its business by manufacturing steel tubing and bicycle parts eventually producing full bicycles by 1951. Eventually the company moved on (much like Japan’s Honda) to manufacturing scooters which paved the way for their entry into the automotive market. Kia debuted their first automobile in 1974 and the Brisa was not only the first for the marque but was also the first-ever Korean-made passenger vehicle to hit the road.

Kia Comes to America

Kia steadily increased its repertoire throughout the 70 and 80s and partnered with Ford in 1986 to develop the Concord, Avella and Pride for domestic sales. Impressed with the designs and performance of these models Ford rebadged the Pride as the Festiva for sale in the US and later did the same with the Avella branded as the Ford Aspire. It wasn’t until the 1990s were in full swing, however, that Kia began marketing its vehicles under its own name. The first Kia to hit American shores was the Sephia, a compact sedan with a V4 and a great price tag which was soon followed up by the Sportage, a compact crossover designed to cash in on the SUV raze of the Nineties. Although things were looking up for the brand the Asian financial crisis at the end of the decade forced Kia into bankruptcy and resulted in a 51% buyout by Hyundai.

Kia: The Millennial Brand

The new millennium witnessed a renewal of the brand and Kia fielded a number of highly successful vehicles. The Spectra debuted in 2000 with both five door hatchback and four door sedan models and quickly captured the economy segment of the market once occupied by Honda and Toyota. In the same year, the Rio replaced the aging Pride and enjoyed considerable success. Spurred on by surging sales and increased popularity, Kia launched the Sportage (another SUV offering) and the Amanti before the later was discontinued in 2007. Most recently Kia has attempted to attract a younger demographic going head to head with the Scion brand via its Kia Forte and Soul which comes standard with USB ports and other tech-savvy accoutrements.

Kia has succeeded largely by understanding its strengths and not overextending itself. Quality, style and versatility are the hallmarks of the brand and their commitment to these values has allowed them to flourish while producing attractive and affordable vehicles at a time when behemoths like Toyota are scaling back their youth-targeted brands. At, we get that Kia owners want quality AND affordability which are the two things we try to embody in our products and service.

Kia Aftermarket Accessories

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Kia Soul Dash Wraps & Rtint® Window Tints

A Convert to the Kia Soul

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