Jaguar: The Big Cat of British Luxury

The luxury car company now known as Jaguar was originally founded in 1922 under the name Swallow Sidecar Company and exclusively manufactured motorcycles. In the years leading up to WWII, the company began to produce passenger cars at which point the company became known as SS Cars, Limited. In 1935 the company released the now famous SS Jaguar 100 but with the outbreak of World War II, SS Cars changed its name to Jaguar to avoid any association with the Nazi SS. The next car of note produced by the company was the XK120 which had an inline V6 engine and was available in three different configurations: sedan, coupe or drop-top convertible. The first Jaguar to hit American roads was the 1951 Mark VII Saloon which won the Monte Carlo Rally five years after its release in 1956.

The Golden Age of Jaguar

Jaguar released many vehicles of note in the 1960s such as the XK-E, the Mark X and the highly acclaimed XJ series which has survived to this day. In 1966 Jaguar was sold to the British Motor Corporation which merged with the Leyland Motor Corporation a scant two years later it became British Leyland. Throughout all of these changes Jaguar continue to release iterations of the famed XJ series such as the XJ6C, the XJ-S and the XJ12. Despite its parent company being nationalized in 1975, Jaguar kept pace with its developments and rolled out the XJ-S HE in the early 80s as well as the XJ-SC convertible which joined the lineup in 1983. As the 1980s drew to a close Jaguar had become a competitive force in the performance luxury market and was acquired by Ford Motor Company in 1990.

The Booming 90s

The 1990s were a boom time for Jaguar with several standouts such as the 1996 XK8 which was the marque’s first V8 engine. The XJR was another notable entrant making its appearance in the middle of the decade and sported a supercharged AJ16 six cylinder engine which furnished it with power equal to its aggressive physique. In 1998 the S-Type was released with a supercharged model following only a few short years later which directly and successfully competed with Mercedes-Benz’ E-Class and the BMW M45. Another shining star from this period was the X-Type, built on Ford’s CD132 frame amid intended to be a mid-market offering.

Jaguar's Changing Faces

Jaguar has, as a company, changed hands a number of times in its history but what started out as a motorcycle company has today become one of the premiere luxury automakers in the world. The elegance and refined performance of Jaguar may be the reasons why the company and its vehicles have been so sought after and highly regarded but there seems to be an ineffable mystique which surrounds it and which draws in enthusiasts and collectors alike. Rvinyl understands the pull of the Jaguar aesthetic and wants to provide you with the opportunity to customize your Jag in whatever way you want which is why we offer one of the largest catalogs of tints and accessories available.

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