Daewoo: A Korean Legacy

Daewoo is a Korean automaker first founded in 1937 as National Motor and currently a member of the GM family. Daewoo's primary concentration has traditionally been on the production of compact sedans and smaller SUVs. Throughout its early years Daewoo went through some growing pains as it evolved into the company it is today, changing its name to Saenara Motor along the way and first entering into American car consciousness with the production of the Datsun Bluebird. The company once more changed hands in 1965 when it was purchased and renamed Shinjin Motor company becoming part of the Toyota brand. This development gave Shinjin access to Toyota’s technology, frames and design processes and led to the acquisition and domestic marketing of the Publica and Corona. By ’72 Toyota had withdrawn from the partnership which allowed Shinjin to consider a joint venture with GM initially under the name Saehan Motor and subsequently as General Motors Korea. It was at this time that the company began to enjoy successes with the rebadged Chevrolet 1700 (the Saehan Camina) and the development of the mid-size Royale sedan.

Daewoo Comes to America

In 1982 Daewoo seized control of the company and rebranded it as the Daewoo Motor Company. Daewoo’s first production car after its reorganization was the 1986 Daewoo LeMans which was known in North America as the Pontiac LeMans and was a huge success for the automaker. In 1989 the Royale was rebadged as the Imperial and was fielded as the flagship model of the Daewoo marque. The 1990s marked Daewoo’s entry into the Big Leagues with the launch of the Italian-designed mid-sized sedan named the Espero which was based on the GM J-platform. Yet, a scant two years after this ambitious start, GM put an abrupt end to the partnership and Daewoo was soon courting Honda to use the Legend as its replacement for the Imperial under the Arcadia badge.

The late 1990s saw Daewoo enjoy moderate success in the North American market with the entrance of three of its most celebrated models: the Matiz, Lanos and Leganza. 1996 was the year that the Lanos arrived and was available in three body styles to suit a variety of different needs. A year later, the four-door Leganza arrived and, the following year in 1998, the sub-compact Daewoo Matiz made its first appearance.

Dark Days at Daewoo

Despite these successes, Daewoo was best by serious financial woes and GM took over in 2002. The first car produced under GM’s ownership was the Daewoo Lacetti, available as a compact hatchback, sedan or wagon and marketed using a variety of names. Later models such as the Tosca and Gentra were successful entries as well as the first SUV under the Daewoo marque: the Windstorm. The Daewoo Windstorm, badged as the Holden Captiva and the Opel Astara and the Saturn Vue sold well in North America and Europe under its various names and inspired GM to release the Lacetti Premiere in 2008 as a show of confidence in the marque.

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