Infiniti: The Height of Japanese Luxury

Infiniti was one of a trio of Japanese luxury marques that first emerged a little more than twenty years ago. In 1989 Nissan Motors launched the brand in order to compete with Acura and Lexus with the first models being released directly to the US market even before Nissan had completely distributed the new marque globally. The Q45 was, therefore the first Infiniti to be released outside of Japan and was an ample sized V8 with an active suspension and incredible styling. Infiniti's next release may be considered a misstep depending on who you ask because the M30 was designed as a direct competitor to Lexus uber-successful SC but was eventually discontinued due to its lackluster performance and customer complaints of its unwieldiness and bulk. The G20 arrived in 1991 and was intended to be the entry-level luxury sedan replete with leather seats and trim and a near-performance engine. The J30 quickly followed only a year later and was notable only in that it featured a rear wheel drive configuration.

Infiniti Takes the Fight to the Blacktop

The 1990s weren’t a just a great time for the economy as a whole but were also a period when Infiniti began to aggressively market itself and to augment its line-up with new models. The I30 was launched in 1996 as a midsize sedan based on the Nissan Maxima platform capable of 190 hp. The QX4 appeared a year later and became the first luxury SUV par excellence being designed off of the platform of Nissan’s Pathfinder which allowed it to perform better on all terrain types and stand higher than any of its rivals. Just prior to the turn of the millennium, Infiniti returned the G20 to service in an attempt to revitalize the brand but with few changes and enhancements it did little to appeal to buyers.

With the introduction of the G35, Infiniti’s fortunes began to look up. Replacing the ailing G20 in 2003 the G35 made a splash in the automotive world and was just what the doctor ordered for the sickly luxury marque. Offered as both a sedan and coupe and featuring a 3.5L V6 with rear or all-wheel drive options the G35 blew the competition straight out of the water when it was voted Motor Trend’s 2003 Car of the Year. The same year Infiniti debuted the FX35 crossover dubbing it a CUV or crossover utility vehicle. Other accomplishments during the first decade of the 21st Century were the EX35, the M35 and the QX series as well as a number of hybrid versions of their pre-existing line-up.

JDM Luxury Accessories

Although Infiniti may have gotten off to a weak start it has charted a steady, upward trajectory since day one. Constant improvement and a dedication to providing innovation and the luxury experience is what Infiniti is all about. At Rvinyl we understand that an Infiniti owner has high expectations and we will do what it takes to meet them. Like Infiniti itself we are continuously updated and improving our selection of accessories to ensure that you get only the best and we thank you for the opportunity to serve you.

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