Isuzu: Asia's King of Trucks

Isuzu was founded as a cooperative between Tokyo Ishikawajima Shipbuilding and Engineering Co., Ltd. and the Tokyo Gas and Electric Industrial Co. in order to build automobiles. The first production car manufactured by the company was the A9 which was quickly succeeded by the CP, Isuzu’s first truck. After WWII Isuzu was gained a boost in sales especially with the advent of a licensing agreement with the UK-based Rootes Group which gave the company the ability to produce the Hillman Minx passenger car. The Hillman Minx was Isuzu’s sole car in production until 1962 with the arrival of its first proprietary passenger car, the Bellel. The Bellel was the first in a series of successful entries fielded by Isuzu in the 1960s such as the 117 Coupe and the WASP light pick-up. In 1971, GM purchased a major stake in the company leading to the development of the Gemini sedan built on GM’s T-car base.

The Pup Comes to America

The Pup was the first Isuzu truck to hit American roads and was available in three different configurations: a single cab, a double cab and the so-called Space Cab. Not long afterward the Isuzu Trooper premiered as either a 2 or 4-door SUV. The Trooper became an instant sensation and was immediately one of the brand’s best-sellers. Later models like the co-authored Isuzu-Subaru Rodeo also made a showing during the 1980s and carried through into the 1990s when all exports of the Gemini (then known as the Stylus) were halted and the company began to consolidate its resources.

Isuzu Exits Stage Left

The 1990s were not a good decade for the company despite the hype that surrounded the release of the VehiCROSS. The company premiered the vehicle as a 2 door crossover SUV replete with a V6 and with an attractively athletic body style. Critical reception was incredibly positive and the company received accolades from almost every possible source including being named one of the Top Ten 1999 Sport Utilities by Motor Trend. Isuzu returned its focus almost completely to SUVs and light trucks as the second millennium opened with great vehicles such as the Ascender and Axiom.

Isuzu made a name for itself by joining forces with some of the greatest names in automobile manufacturing to bring innovation and expertise to their vehicles. In addition, Isuzu has consistently brought great trucks and SUVs to market at affordable prices thereby earning a reputation as a company dedication to the pursuit of excellence and affordability. At Rvinyl we have teamed up with a number of aftermarket accessory manufacturers to bring our customers the best there is in Isuzu accessories.

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