Your Hyundai Wants to Make KDM a Thing

Hyundai is probably the most well known of the Korean automakers who sell their vehicles in the US domestic market. In Korean the company's name means modernity and the manufacturer's recent line-up attests to the truth of the name. The company has been in business for over fifty years, having been founded in 1947 by Chung Ju Yung solely as an engineering company and had to wait almost twenty years before government restrictions on exports were lifted to begin making passenger vehicles. After entering into an agreement with Ford at the end of the 1960s, Hyundai produced its first sedan, the Cortina, and shortly thereafter the JDM-inspired Pony. Finally, in 1986, Hyundai made its long-awaited entrance into the US and, the rest is history.

Hyundai comes to the US

The first car Hyundai produced for the USDM (US domestic market) was the sub-compact Excel and was a resounding success due to its low-price and ease of use. The next entry into the American market was the venerable Sonata which was the company's first mid-size sedan completely designed and built in-house. Yet, despite these advances and the companies manufacturing expansion into India, the 1990s proved to be difficult for the fledgling automaker. Reacting quickly to the danger of losing their footing on American soil, Hyundai founder Ju Yung transferred ownership to his son who helped to revive the company by focusing on the quality of the both its design and manufacturing processes. Its now famous 10 year, 10K mile warranty was one of the significant factors in the transformation and restored public confidence in the reliability and workmanship of the brand as a whole.

Hyundai Comes of Age

The first decade of the second millennium proved to be the best yet for the car maker. Old stand-bys such as the formerly staid Elantra received a number of updates. It was now offered in a hatchback body style, power locks and windows were optional, it sported side airbags and had a completely redesigned front fascia with an aggressively styled grille and headlights. The company's first SUV, the Santa Fe, debuted in 2001as a stylish, sporty crossover that offered both front-wheel and four-wheel drive options. The company continued to receive accolades and awards for build-quality and design achievements and introduced its mini-van, the Entourage, to race reviews including a 5-Star safety rating from the NHTSA. But, its really in the last six years or so that Hyundai has become a true powerhouse in the automotive world. Models like the JDM-inspired and tuner styled Veloster and the Genesis Coupe have captured the hearts and minds of enthusiasts everywhere. Don't believe me? Just check out Instagram or Tumblr and you'll find literally thousands of modded and customized Velosters and Genesis Coupes.

Hyundai Aftermarket Accessories for Everyone

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