Audi: Hark the Heralding of a New Era   

Audi is known the world over as a premier manufacturer of luxury cars, trucks and SUVs. Along with Mercedes-Benz and BMW, Audi makes up the triumvirate referred to as Germany's Big Three (although the actual major automobile manufacturers are the Volkswagen Group, Daimler AG, and BMW). The history of Audi goes back well over one hundred years when one of its original founders, August Horch, began to design and build cars under the company name A. Horch & Cie. After a falling out with the board of the company, Horch was forced out and later sued for infringement when he started another company using the Horch name. According to the Audi origin story, as Horch and his colleagues were discussing a new name for the automaker, his son who was studying Latin in school suggested the name “Audi” which is a translation of the German “Horch” which means “Hark!” or “Listen!” So it was that in 1910 Audi Automobile Works was officially founded with the new name and soon after the Audi Type A 10/22 horse power Sport-Phaeton rolled off the production line in Zwickau. Audi produced a number of vehicles throughout WWI and the Depression but the Type K was its first production vehicle to really take off and firmly established the left-hand steering configuration which would become the standard for continental car makers from that point on. In 1932 Audi became part of a larger conglomerate composed of former rivals Horch, DKW and Auto Union which is where the iconic, four-ringed Audi symbol originated. Despite this fact, the Audi name disappeared completely in 1939 and did not resurface until its purchase by Volkswagen in 1965.

Post-War Resurgence

After its acquisition by VW, Audi fielded the 100 which was available as both a coupe and sedan and sported a 1.8 liter, 4-cylinder engine. Without stopping to breathe, Audi then released the 80 which would be pivotal in the subsequent design and evolution of the Passat. But, perhaps Audi greatest accomplishment was made in 1980 with the release of the Quattro (Italian for the number four). The Quattro was, unsurprisingly due to its name, a four-wheel drive coupe which made it a trailblazer in a world populated solely by all-wheel drive sedans. The original Quattro was the car that launched a thousand others because the system developed for it would later be an option for all Audi vehicles. Fast forward a decade and Audi was poised to enter the 1990s as the premier luxury automaker in Germany. The A3 and A4 were prime examples of this inclination towards upmarket excellence in engineering and design and were both offered as front-wheel and four-wheel drive models. As Audi approached the new millennium newer, sportier models represented by the "S" designation appeared such as the S3 and S4 and came standard as Quattro versions.

Audi In the 21st Century

In the course of the last decade Audi has remained a leading name in the pursuit of luxury and performance. High-profile cars such as the TT and S8 have helped to secure Audi's dominance and its foray into the realm of SUVs has also yielded great fruit. Available in V6, V8 and V12 models, the Audi Q7 was the automaker's first full size cross-over SUV and began production in 2006. Similar to the Q7 but smaller in size the Q5 premiered 2009 and has allowed Audi to gain market share in a niche once dominated by Mercedes and BMW. Audi's pioneering use of day time LED running lights which first appeared on the S6 has been tremendously influential in the automotive world. In fact, at the 2013 NY Auto Show almost every new car from all of the manufacturers presenting included the use of LED running lights. A final characteristic of Audi design to be considered is their use of high-quality materials in the construction of the interior panels and elements such as real wood and leather.

Audi Aesthetic & Performance Accessories

Audi is a name that is synonymous with quality. Whether you're in the market for performance handling, ultra-elegant luxury or cutting-edge technology Audi should be your first choice. Audi drivers know the worth and meaning of their vehicles whether they own an S4, a TT or another of these beautifully executed flawlessly engineered masterpieces: in short, "Truth in engineering." At Rvinyl we understand what Audi represents and that any aftermarket accessories you buy must be made to the same exacting standards as the vehicles which they will adorn. For this reason, we offer a full line of DIY and professional Audi Accessories for the both the interior and exterior of your ride. When Audi quality at a reasonable price is your prime concern your first choice should be Rvinyl.

Whether you are looking to upgrade your interior, protect the delicate finish of your exterior or increase the performance of your car, truck or SUV we carry a tremendous selection of accessories to give you the results you’ve been looking for at the right prices. We understand that when you purchase an Audi accessory for your car or SUV you're not making just any purchase--you're making a statement about who you are and how you want the world to see you. Customizing cars has been a passion of our since we started back in 2003 and we are proud to be able to share it with customers like you every single day. Whether you’re looking to upgrade an older car or tune a new one we want to be the people you come to first for the best-priced and most innovative products on the market.







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