Fiat: Fuori Tutto   

Fiat is the Italian car maker par excellence, renowned for their line of performance parts and their bevy of family-friendly cars. The Fiat name comes from the acronym for Società Anonima Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino which means, roughly, Italian Automotive Factory of Turin Corporation. In existence for well over a century, Fiat was established by Italian entrepreneur Giovanni Agnelli in 1899 and has been a family run operation ever since. Fiat currently holds the fourth position in terms of size of the European automakers after Volkswagen , PSA Peugeot Citroën and Renault.

Humble Beginnings

Fiat’s first car was the 4 HP which had a 2V engine and was capable of producing 4.2 horsepower. In 1900, following on the success of the 4 HP the 6 HP was released quickly followed by the 8 HP one year after that. By the time 1910 rolled around, Fiat was the single, largest automaker in Italy and it has not lost the title since that time. At the same time, Fiat built its first plant in the US in Poughkeepsie NY putting down roots at the same time waves of Italian immigrants were doing so in the US. Fiat cars were considered marks of distinction at the time due to their initial high cost, rising to $6400 by 1918 which was more than $6000 than the Model T at the time. The outbreak of fighting during WWI meant Fiat had to concentrate its production efforts on supplying the allied forces with armaments and munitions leading to the closure of the Poughkeepsie facility due to onerous regulations.

The 20s saw Fiat jump to 80% market share in Italy and the arrival of the Fiat 520 as its premier luxury car. The 520 sported a V12 motor and was a roadster available in both coupe and convertible configurations. In the decades leading up to the Second World War Fiat produced a variety of vehicles to fill every niche from economy vehicles like the 2800 to luxury cars for the upmarket buyer. As with all of the European automakers at the time, WWII brought the companies automobile production to a screeching halt but the company was able to recover rather quickly from the war.

Fiat Strikes Back

The post-War decades were a time of great renewal for Fiat. It was during the 1950s that the iconic Cinquecento (The Fiat 500) first debuted as an affordable full size sedan was first released as well as the sleek and athletic 1200 Spyder. Both of these models were served as image cars for the marque and propelled Fiat to international fame and acclaim. The decades that followed demonstrated Fiat’s ability to adapt and diversify its offerings in order to cope with global economic crises and ever changing tastes. Perhaps some of the most well-known vehicles from this period are the subcompact 126 and 128 series as well as the racer inspired X 1/9.

In recent times Fiat has engineered the turnaround of the Chrysler brand and produced a number of award-winning vehicles under that marque. The Cinquecento was updated and replaced in 1998 by the Seicento (600) and the compact Punto succeeded by the larger, more luxuriant Grande Punto. The Sedici was Fiat’s first entry into the compact SUV market and the Nuova Cinquecento, a retro-themed sub-compact which is both feature rich and replete with flowing lines.

Old World Quality, 21st Century Style

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