Chrysler: Imported from Detroit

Chrysler, one of the so-called Big Three, was founded almost a century ago by Walter P Chrysler and would go on to become one of the leading manufacturers of cars and trucks in the world. Since the beginning the Chrysler story has been one of innovation in engineering and the will to overcome any obstacle with the formation of Chrysler in 1924 coming about as a result of the restructuring of the failed Maxwell Motor Company. The company's first production vehicle was the self-named Chrysler which was a V6 vehicle with advanced features at a surprisingly affordable price. Some of these innovative features which were not present on most automobiles of the time were the carburetor air filter and full-pressure lubrication in a high pressure engine. Other advanced automotive features that Chrysler was first to bring to market were 4-wheel hydraulic brakes, rubber engine mounts and the development of ridge rims which kept a flat tire from shooting off of the wheel. These and other contributions to vehicular safety and performance features would later become adopted by the industry at large and served to cement Chrysler's position at the forefront of automotive design and production.

Chrysler Can't Dodge Its Growing Pains

Only four short years after its founding, the company bought the Dodge Brothers Automobile and Truck Company and began organizing its marketing by price and function. As a result Plymouth was the low-priced, with the newly introduced DeSoto at the mid-range and Dodge (which would later trade positions with DeSoto in the hierarchy) at the top. After this re-organization Chrysler was able to quickly return to leading edge auto design with release of the Airflow: a vehicle with an inline V8 mounted toward the vehicle's nose, aerodynamic lines and bold front fascia.

Over the years, Chrysler has always managed to come out on top despite economic downturns and fuel crises. Throughout the post-War years and into the 70s, Chrysler was able to attract buyers at every price point by offering a number of different options from economy Valiants and Plymouth, middle of the road DeSoto and Dodges and upmarket Chryslers and Imperials. Yet, after its early acquisition of Dodge, the purchase of Jeep in 1987 was one of the smartest moves the company made in its storied history. Aside from the addition of the Jeep lines the Chrysler Pacifica, Sebring Coupe and the short-lived but much sought after Crossfire helped boost sales throughout the 90s and into the new millennium.

Chrysler: A True Survivor

The story of Chrysler is a tale of survival and innovation. Like the company itself, Chrysler owners are risk-takers with a will to overcome any obstacle and a penchant for cutting-edge technology and luxuriant elegance. At Rvinyl, we understand what makes Chrysler enthusiasts tick and we're prepared to go the distance with you to bring you the innovative and affordable accessories you’re Chrysler deserves.

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