Lexus: Luxury Imported

As most enthusiasts know, Lexus is the luxury brand of the Toyota Motor Corporation and has been a trusted source of high-quality and performance cars and SUVs since the division's inception in 1989. Many people believe that Lexus was Toyota's response to the success of Honda's Acura division but this is not entirely true. In reality, Lexus can traxce its origins to a special project begun in 1983 which was inteded to explore the creation of luxury cars for the US market. The prototye that was created during this project was the Lexus LS and would be the first vehicle launched by the new division and which is duly credited with having turned the brand from a concept into a reality. During its infancy and for the first 14 years of its life, all Lexus vehicles were assembled in Japan at a various factories but in 2003 the brand began production of its RX 330 at a plant in Canada. Over the course of the ast two decades, the Lexus line-up has featured some of the most accliamed luxury vehicles on the market, such as the LS, GS, and RX series, elevelating the brand to new heights of esteem.

Lexus Debuts the LS

The LS 400, the company's debut model, was a luxurious sedan with both rear-wheel drive and a 4.0 L V8 engine making it one sleek and incredibly powerful machine. Around the same time that Lexusreleased the LS it also introduced the smaller, more agile ES 250 which was built on the Camry frame. It shared the same V6 as the Camry and the most visible differences were found in the exterior styling and the interior upgrades such as genuine wood accents, realleather upholstery, and a Pioneer sound system. In 1991 the GS Series was added to the roster as a bridge between the smaller ES and full-sized LS and it has proven itself to be a welcome and beloved member of the Lexus family.

Lexus Comes of Age

Throughout the 1990s, Lexus continued to mature and expand its reach, showing that a Japanese luxury marque was capable of standing on equal footing with its European and American counterparts. As a result, the brand became a know as a manufacturer of high-quality vehicles and automotive parts. Lexus' commitment to excellence and innovation resulted in the creation of successful models such as its first SUV, the RX in 1998, and the SC 430 which was the first convertible in their catalog. The IS and GX were later additions to the Lexus roster which have helped further bolster sales and cement their position as true industry leaders. By 2014, Lexus's has achieved an ironclad reputation for prodcuing cars and SUVs with elegantly powerful performance and ultra-plush comfort and has made serious in-roads into the hybrid maket with the RX 450h, the GS 450h, and the LS 600h.

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