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Dash kits are custom interior accessories designed to accent your vehicle’s dashboard and interior panels and are available in a variety of colors, styles and finishes. Custom-designed to fit your year, make and model vehicle like a glove and manufactured by today’s leading aftermarket accessory vendors such as Rdash, American Car Craft and DL Auto, when you purchase a dash kit from Rvinyl you know you’re getting a great deal backed by more than twenty year’s combined experience in the industry. Choose from great finishes like wood grain, real or simulated carbon fiber, chrome, brushed aluminum or stainless steel and add a fully-customized, luxury look to any vehicle’s cabin.

Tint & Protection

Window tint is not simply one of the most important accessories for any car owner but also one of the most essential. Regardless of whether you want to add the finishing touches to your murdered out coupe with a complete precut window tint kit in limo tint or are simply looking for a front window kit to protect your dash trim from harmful UV rays, window tint is a must for any serious car lover. Because Rvinyl caters to the car-obsessed, we have worked to bring Rtint’s full line of precut window kits, window visor strips and tint by the sheet to you at prices you won’t believe. Now you can order a full, partial or combination window tint kit in 5, 20, 35 or even 50% VLT to ensure your vehicle is in compliance with local law and have it at your door within days.

Rtint headlight and tail light tint are two products that put Rvinyl on the map. Whether you choose a pre-cut kit already in the catalog, choose to go full custom and by Rtint by the sheet or decide to purchase a custom tail light tint kit designed to your exact specification you can rest assured that your ride will be a show stopper by the time you’re through. Available in great shades and colors such as blackout, matte, smoke and blue as well as in standard tint and protection grade film Rtint headlight and tail light film is the optically clear choice that has become an industry standard.

Paint protection film from Rshield is specially designed and manufactured for DIY installation. Available either as complete pre-cut protection kits based upon your car’s year, make and model or by the roll Rshield film is uncommonly easy to work with at only 4mil in thickness and conforms to the craziest curves and corners you can throw at it. At Rvinyl giving our customers choices has always been a key to our success so we offer Rshield paint protection kits either a la carte for your bumper, fenders, grille, hood and mirrors or as full kits with all pieces included. The choice is yours but when it comes to protecting your investment don’t wait until it’s too late, act now and Rshield your car or truck today.

Vinyl wraps are one of the most economical options offered by Rvinyl to modify your ride. Starting as low as $9.99, Rwrap vinyl wraps allow you to completely customize your car or truck in a matter of minutes. Choose from over forty different colors and finishes of premium wrapping film, many with patented air-release technology to assure a bubble-free result each and every time. Equally suited for exterior wrapping and interior wrapping all Rwrap vehicle wrap films come with a minimum three-year warranty and will adhere to any clean and hard, non-porous surface. Whether carbon fiber, chrome or wood grain is the look you’re going you’ll find it at

Vehicle graphics are probably the first thing that comes to mind when people mention the word vinyl and, truth be told, vinyl graphics is where Rvinyl got its start. Many years have passed since we manufactured our own hood decals and racing stripes but we still think that fender stripes and body graphics can make or break any ride. It’s no surprise, then, that we have teamed up with GraphicsR and American Car Craft to offer a huge selection of styles of premium and professional-looking racing stripes, body graphics, ghost flames and fender stripes in the latest colors and finishes.

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