Which Vinyl Brand is the Most Popular?

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Which Brand of Vinyl is the Mst Popular?

When it comes to vinyl film there are really only three major brands to consider: 3M™ , Orafol (make of ORACAL®) and Avery Dennison®. Whether you 're looking for wrapping films for your car, truck, SUV or architectural application or sign and craft vinyl these 3 companies produces everything you need to get the job done right. So, whether you're looking for a premium cast wrap film, a matte removable calendered vinyl or a glow-in-the-dark marking film, you'll find it here.

Popularity By Brand

In order to find out which brand of film was the most popular we took a sample of all of the orders on our site for the last ninety day period and broke it down by manufacturer. As you can see from below, 3M™ clearly blows every one else out of the water with a whopping sixty-four percent of sales. Avery comes in second with twenty-three percent and ORACAL® makes up the remainder.

  1. 3M™ Films: 64%
  2. Avery Dennison®: Films 23%
  3. ORACAL® Films: 13%

Although this may only speak to the name-recognition of the films, if you're the type who wants to buy based on others' experience its safe to say that 3M™ should be your number one choice.

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