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    Blackout Smoke Tint Film is a 5% VLT, clear tinting film specially formulated for use on your headlights, taillights and fog lights. This specially formulated, 3-ply film is designed to stretch and conform to the contours of your vehicle's lights with heat and can be easily cut with a razor blade or exacta knife. Use Rtint® Blackout Smoke film on your car, truck, SUV, motorcycle and just about anything that has a light housing.

    Manufacturer Part Number: rtint-s-001

    Rtint Blackout Tint Film Features

    • Blackout Tint: 5% Light Transmission
    • Self-adhesive, light transmitting film
    • Conforms to extreme curves and contours with heat
    • 3 mil thick (.0042") for easy application
    • 3-Year Warranty against cracking, peeling and fading
    • 3-ply film with protective layer to prevent scuffing during installation

    Rtint Blackout Vinyl Wraps

    Rtint Blackout light tint films are do-it-yourself friendly, 3 ply vinyl wrapping films designed to apply on your vehicle's  tail lights, fog lights, headlights or any other lenses. Apply to your stock or aftermarket lights for a customized blacked out look.

    All of our Rtint Blackout vehicle light film is backed by a three year warranty and designed to change the look of your lights without significantly effecting the color of the light. It is self-adhesive and applies like a decal or sticker and is meant to be installed using a wet application method, heat stretched and trimmed.

    Installing your Rtint Blackout Films

    The best way to learn how  to install your Rtint Blackout wrapping film is by seeing it done. That's why we've come up with a number of video tutorials for you to browse and watch. We've also taken the time to write detailed instructions and guides that walk you through the process which are available for download and included with every order. Learn more about the benefits to window tinting and weighing your options for DIY or professional installation.

    In general, the following will have the greatest impact upon the ease or difficulty of your installation:

    • Your skill level as an installer
    • The complexity of the lights
    • Using the correct tools and fluids

    Which Tools Do You Need?

    Although you can (theoretically) install your Rtint Blackout film wrap without any tools we don't recommend it. At a minimum we recommend the following

    Is Blackout Rtint Film Legal?

    None of our tinted Rtint light films are recommended for use on public roads and should only be used for show purposes. Still, if you decide to apply Blackout film to your headlights and taillights you should know that many localities and municipalities will ticket you for their use. Please check with your local police department to find out if tinted headlights and taillights are legal.

    Can You Use Rtint on Mirrors or Windows?

    We do not recommend using any Rtint light tint films on mirrors or windows because the film is not optically clear meaning that it may reduce visibility despite transmitting visible light.

    What Does 5% VLT Mean?

    Rtint Blackout film, is one of our most popular shades and will black out your lights by about 95% while still allowing 5% of light to exit the housing. Clearly, Rtint Blackout films should only be used on show vehicles as they may block too much light to be practical for application taillights and headlights.

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