Why Acura Custom Dash Kits?

Custom dash kits are the perfect way to add a touch of personalized styling to your Acura's interior. Whether you want the luxurious look of woodgrain in your RDX, the edgy feel of real carbon fiber to your RSX or want to go for a truly unique look like stickerbomb or chrome in your TL, Rvinyl has the just the trim kit you need at the right price. So, don't delay, buy the Acura custom dash kit of your dreams today and let us deliver it straight to your door!

Acura's Design Philosophy: Tech-fueled, Human-centered

Acura was the first Japanese brand to successfully re-invent itself as a luxury and performance marque. Best of all, they have managed to do so without losing sight of the performance and design elements that got them where they are today. Although Honda/Acura closely guards all aspects of its interior design philosophy, it's pretty easy to divine some key elements by looking to the bits and pieces of information that it has been releasing about its flagship car, the 2017 Acura NSX. In fact, by putting the NSX back at the front of its line-up for 2017, Acura is signaling a return to its successful approach of showcasing its use of the best in technical know-how in support of an enhanced driving experience.

Human Support Cockpits

The concept of the Human Support Cockpit is more or less what you would expect from a Japanese company in that it is a completely Zen-like view of the "synergy between man and machine." The ascetic, Zen philosophy of the interior trim design is seen in the clean lines of the instrumentation and the unobtrusiveness of the components. No flashy chrome knobs or strangely molded dashboards here. Instead, drivers of future Acura's can expect to be able to focus completely on the driving experience itself.

John Ikeda, the chief designer at the Acura Design Studio, has stated that the idea of the Human Support Cockpit is in harmony with "the spirit of the original NSX and...[supports] the psychological and emotional aspects" that make driving any Acura feel like driving a supercar.  According to Ikeda, the Acura interiors will feature exceptional driver control, forward visibility along with simple and intuitive controls. The aesthetic of the NSX and future models most resemble the design of a naked sports bike with super-thin A-pillars and low-profile instrument panels which reduce visual obstruction to viewing the road ahead.

East Meets West

Acura's Zen-like design philosophy means that consumers can expect to find their eye drawn consistently to the road and less so to the interior which is always a good thing when driving. But, it's a logical consequence of such a shift in focus that the interiors will offer less opportunity for personalization and customization: two things which had always endeared Acura to its drivers in days' past.

Luckily for DIYers and enthusiasts everywhere, custom dash kits offer you the ability to restyle and personalize present, past and future Acura vehicles alike. Whether you choose real wood dash trim from brands like Benevento or DL Auto, interior accent kits in any color or style imaginable from Automaxus or super-affordable vinyl dash kits from Rvinyl, you know you'll be able to give your ride just the touch of personality needed to truly make it your own.

Acura Interior Trim Kits: What to Expect

When you buy an Acura dash kit you want to know what exactly you can expect and, even though we offer a variety of brands to meet every budget, the following quick breakdown should help you choose the right product for your needs.

  • Benevento: Benevento dash kits are made from premium grade materials, are domed and polyurethane coated to give a high-gloss look and lasting protection and adhere to your vehicle's dash with industry standard VHB tape (the red-liner foam tape you find everywhere). The can range from $150 to $300 in price and are exactly the kits you find at dealerships in luxury trim models. Some of the most common materials used in Benevento dash trim the real carbon fiber and wood grains. All Benevento kits are laser cut for precision of fit.
  • Automaxus: These dashboard kits are precision-cut with a laser and computer designed for accuracy of fit. They use the same ultra high bond adhesive tape as Benevento and DL Auto kits but are offered in a larger variety of colors and finishes. They range in price from $99 to $150 depending on the number of pieces included in the kit. Popular choices for these trim kits are sticker bomb, diamond plate and chrome.
  • Rdash® Dash Kits: Made from premium vinyl films, Rvinyl interior accent kits are the most affordable on the market. Starting at $49.95 you get the most pieces of any dash trim on the market with the most color and finish options as well. In addition, Rvinyl interior appliques are the only kits which are removable so they are perfect for leased cars.

Personalize Your Acura

Acura has always attracted a specific type of customer who values inspired-styling and amazing performance. We can only expect their Human Support Cockpit interior design philosophy to be used in all future vehicles and we wish them every success. But, just in case you want to add your touch of personal style to the interior of your Acura, we've got you covered with the highest-quality and widest variety of interior dash kits anywhere on the market. Just browse our selection and we think you'll find a deal on a custom dash kit that you just can't refuse.

In addition to our lines of premium interior trim we also offer a number of other, DIY accessories for your ride. Probably the most popular of these is our precut Acura window tint kits which is easy to order and straightforward to install since every window is pre-cut for you. Our Acura headlight tint and taillight covers are two other fan favorites that can help give your luxury, JDM import that smoked out look in no time at all. Best of all, whichever of our DIY custom accessories you choose , they're all eligible for our Cash Back rebate refund so be sure to share your pics once you've installed your purchases to get up to $20 back!

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Pretty, Very difficult to install
by Nic , Chula-Vista, California 3.50

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This product looks very real. It’s very pretty especially for the price. However, it is very tedious and almost impossible to install without there being bubbles or imperfections or showings of the trim under, especially due to the fact there tends to be 3 pieces for one piece of trim. I ended up not installing the smaller pieces. But, again, very pretty, and if you have an eye for perfection, good hands and patience, you should definitely get this product!

true to form
by Rickey Pope, Phoenix Arizona 3.25

review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
Color is not true to form on the interior kit.
The colors on my computer screen were more vivid in colors

Wrong body
by Ordered for a 2 door and got a 4, New Jersey 3.50

review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
I wanted the vinyl for a 2 door car and I gotten a 4 door. When I was putting it on I noticed the other pieces was ment for a 4 door and I have a 2 door car, I paid for a 2 door not a 4 and now all the other pieces are going to waste and I canr even use the other pieces cause its not ment for my car


4.43 | 44 Reviews