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Top 5 Easy Partial Vehicle Wraps

We all know which posts get the most traction on Instagram and Pinterest: full, color change vehicle wraps of an Aventador or 911 but, truth be told, these are the exception not the rule. Think about it: how many people have the money to own a Lamborghini or Porsche? And then, of those people, how many want to wrap it in a completely different color? It's a fraction of a fraction but we all love the look so kudos to the wrappers who keep our feeds busy.

Even if you're not a self-made millionaire or a YouTube baller, but you still want to get a custom look, try these five easy, DIY partial wraps. All of the vehicle wraps shown below can be done in a few hours at most and don't require a lot of special tools. Best of all, depending on which film you choose, you could do all of these mods for under $100.

Headlight & Tail Light Wraps

Let's face it: your lights are literally the most visible part of your ride and for a reason: they not only help you see in low-light conditions but help you be seen too! That's probably why, in the last two decades, we've seen a proliferation of products that help you modify your lights. Of all of the options out there, though, Rtint™ and ORACAL® head and taillight tints are the safest and most affordable option. Sure, you could try to dip or paint your lights yourself but you'd better know what you're doing if you spray them — otherwise you could end up ruining a perfectly good pair of factory lights. Ouch!!! So, what do you need to tint your lights with our smoked headlight tint films? Not much, honestly as shown in the list below:

  • Rapid Prep or rubbing alcohol
  • Squeegee or library card
  • Heat gun or blow dryer
  • Razor blade

That's it. Check out our complete headlight and taillight tinting instructions and don't forget to send in your pics for our rebate when you're done.

Rocker Panel Wraps

We have to give props to all the wrappers out there installing and selling camouflage rocker panel wraps. It's a genius product because it's so simply to install and looks so good when you're done. We literally sell all of our Rwraps™ films in 12-inch widths so they're already the perfect size for a lot of rocker panel trim applications. Plus, they're priced to move when you compare them to films like Avery™ or 3M™. We're not going to be redundant but all you need are the tools listed above (heck, you could probably even leave out the heat gun since you're not wrapping curves). Be sure to check out our six step tutorial if you're interested.

Wrap Your Pillar Post Trim

Pillar posts have been a popular component to mod for years. The reasons why should be obvious: they're cheap and easy to customize. Plus, since they're so small, they don't require a whole lot of vinyl to wrap. You can actually afford to go out and splurge on a super-premium film like ORACAL® 975HC Honeycomb and still have money to pay rent! Or, you can go for more economical films and spend less than $20 all told! The choice is up to you but there's really no better way to rehabilitate chalky, scratched trim than with a wrap.

Mirror Wraps

We've all seen the Mini Cooper's with the checkerboard wraps haven't we? Okay, maybe it's been awhile but there's no shortage of Benz owners wrapping their side view mirrors in carbon fiber. Maybe one of the coolest things we've seen lately are people wrapping there lights with snake skin or crocodile skin vinyl. Yes, a side view mirror can be more difficult to wrap than your rocker panels but it's worth it!

Hood Wraps

Really, do we really have to spell this one out? Hood wraps are incredibly popular and pretty straightforward to do. Check out our complete tutorial on how to install vinyl wraps before you dive in, but once you've read our guide go ahead and jump.

So, that's it: we've listed the top five easiest and most popular things to wrap on your vehicle. All that's left is for you to get out there and do it. Oh, and don't forget to send in your pics when you're done so we can send you a rebate and post them on our site!

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