Fresh Ideas for Kid's Room Wall Art

Fresh Ideas for Kid's Room Wall Art

Children learn more about themselves and what they love as they grow up. The bedding you bought for them when they were a toddler, for instance, might feel out of touch when they enter kindergarten. Kids often want to express themselves through how they decorate their rooms because it's their favorite place in the world. Parents then face the issue of personalizing their child's room when their kids will likely find new interests in the coming weeks and months.

Splashing a new coat of paint on the walls or investing in themed room decor that matches a new bedspread may feel slightly drastic. It can also require a bigger budget than you have. Vinyl wall art provides an affordable and practical solution and could be exactly what your child needs to feel at home in their room.

Check out these fresh ideas for kid's room wall art to learn more about how you can use it in your home. With a little time and creativity, you'll find the best decals for your kids and your budget.

What Is Kid's Room Wall Art?

What Is Kid's Room Wall Art?

Parents are no strangers to hanging art in their child's room. You might have picked out a framed picture to hang above their changing table when they were younger or taped their crayon masterpieces above their bed. 

Wall art decals are an easier, brighter way to personalize any room. They're an ideal solution if you hesitate to make any permanent interior decorating changes that your kids may outgrow quickly.

After ordering the vinyl you or your child love, it will arrive as a solid sticker sheet. Use your preferred method of crafting to draw or paint the decal you want, then cut and peel it off the paper backing. You can then press it onto the surface you prefer. Vinyl decals are strong enough to remain where you stick them for as long as you like, but they peel off easily when it's time to move onto a new decorating theme. They won't strip away paint or drywall, either, so you can use as many as your child wants.

Children's wall art decals are a removable and cost-effective way to decorate big and small spaces, especially since you can find vinyl in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors.

Kid's Room Wall Art Ideas

Kid's Room Wall Art Ideas

If you've never used art decals before or seen them in another home, you might wonder what they'd look like in your child's room. It all depends on what you want and what your child loves. Here are a few popular kid's decal ideas that might inspire you to create fun patterns or even murals in your home.

Notable Kid's Characters

When your kids get TV time, what shows or movies do they turn on? Maybe they prefer to play a video game or watch something on YouTube. No matter what interests them, you could hang up a decal of their favorite characters.

Kids adore getting things designed with characters like:

  • Elsa and Anna
  • Spongebob
  • Doc McStuffins
  • Spiderman
  • Peppa Pig
  • Dora the Explorer

Most projects involving detailed pictures like a specific character will require a tool like a Cricut machine to cut the shape and size correctly. Vinyl is easy to work with, and 3M craft vinyl produces high-quality, durable graphics and works well with cutting machines. It's likely your best option for detail-specific decals, like character faces and outfits.

Their Name or Initials

When you walk around the store or browse decor online, you will likely find items that feature decorative letters or names. Seeing your name on something helps you identify with it and feel a sense of ownership. 

You can use this kid's room wall decor option to add a fun and unique personalization element to your child's space. Brightly colored craft vinyl will look right at home in any bedroom or playroom. Trace your child's name or initials on the vinyl and cut it with a weeding hook or scissors.

Your child's name or initials will become the focal point of their room, so make sure your project shines. Consider a high-gloss calendered vinyl from Avery for your decal — it's affordable, durable, and even comes in glittery styles.

When your child walks into their room and sees their name above their bed or dresser, they'll feel more in love with their space than ever before.

Symbols of Nature

Nature themes have been a consistently popular theme for children's rooms because they don't tie to a specific age. Your kids can grow from toddlers to teenagers while rearranging the same nature decals.

Think about using decals in the shape of:

  • Trees
  • Stars
  • Mountains
  • The moon
  • The sun
  • The ocean

It all depends on what your child loves and how much space you want to work with. Trees and mountains could make a gorgeous mural that stretches across an entire wall. You could even stick stars along the ceiling to make your child's room feel more expansive.

You can also get vinyl that fills in your designs before you ever pull out markers or paint. Rcraft™ is a high-quality brand that makes wood-grain vinyl films in different shades, hues and grain patterns. Use it for the trunk of the tree decal that stretches from your baseboard to the ceiling. You can even put a creative spin on stars or the sun by using Rcraft™ metal craft film to make your decals shine.

Their Favorite Animals

You don't have to look far to know which animals your child prefers. They likely have an abundance of stuffed animals on their bed or pages of colored pictures in their craft box. They might love to have their favorite animals waiting on their wall when they get home from school.

Most children love animals, such as:

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Horses
  • Rabbits
  • Dolphins
  • Fish

Vinyl wall art decals even stick on doors, so you don't need wall space to add your child's favorite character to their room. A quiet owl or adventurous alligator could personalize your child's room and inspire them to fall more in love with nature.

Their Biggest Heroes

Your child looks up to you, but they also have other heroes in their lives. These heroes live and breathe in the real world and make an impact that your kids hope to live up to in their future.

You can easily create decals of these heroes in any size. Your child might love people like:

  • Athletes
  • Presidents
  • Authors
  • Long-distance family members
  • Celebrities
  • Musicians

Make them lifesize and stick them beside your child's door or make them small so they pose along the edge of your kid's dresser or bookshelf. Decorating their room with one of their biggest heroes can encourage your kids to chase the characteristics and dreams their role models demonstrate. 

Their Favorite Things

Don't forget about a few of your child's favorite things! They might not be old enough to have a favorite movie or person, but pictures of familiar objects can also become great decorations.

They might love things like:

  • Crayons
  • Cars
  • Flowers
  • Fairies
  • Baseballs
  • Polka dots

These things are easy to personalize in different colors and sizes. They're also great for children's wall art because kids of any age love them.

Vinyl decals can also be a sensory experience for young kids. The ORACAL brand produces scuff-resistant matte colors perfect for wall art along surfaces like headboards, doors and drawers. They add additional texture to your interior design for more depth in rooms like nurseries or bedrooms.

Benefits of DIY Kid's Wall Art

Benefits of DIY Kid's Wall Art

There are multiple reasons why wall art is an ideal solution to common interior design struggles in children's rooms. You can experience all of the following benefits for yourself once you decide on a decal design. 

You Improve Your Child's Mood

Children experience different moods every day, but their rooms should be a peaceful environment where they can calm down and relax at night. The colors in their room play a significant role in this, so choose the hues for your decals wisely.

The colors in your decal might depend on the purpose of the room you redecorate. Yellow is an excellent color for playrooms, for instance, because it is stimulating and cheerful. It can lead to more creativity and engaging playtime.

Bright yellow decals in your child's bedroom, however, could keep their mind too active to go to sleep. A soothing color like blue could benefit them when it's time to nap or calm down after getting upset.

You Get Temporary Decor

The first major benefit of DIY kid's wall art is that it's temporary. Kids are naturally curious, so they'll want to try or experience new things. While they love one thing right now, they might prefer something completely different next month.

No parent wants to invest in matching bedding, lampshades, curtains and rugs that feature their kid's current specific interests. It costs too much money for something their child might change their mind about in the coming days or weeks.

Decals peel off the wall easily, so nothing is a permanent decorative decision. It's also better than most wall decor because it won't leave damage behind when you remove it. Renters and homeowners can decorate their child's room with decals to liven up the space and make it feel like home.

You Save Money

Traditional redecorating often involves finding new furniture for your child's bedroom. It's a costly way to personalize their space. 

Kid's room wall art decals are more affordable than other types of decor or new furniture, but they make a similar visual impact on a room. Whether you buy vinyl to cut out a lifesize car decal or trace a quote from your kid's favorite book to stick above their door, you'll save money and find more creative possibilities from your project with vinyl.

You Customize Your Decal

Decals are a flexible decoration, depending on what you want from them. People use them to make personalized murals and even organize their office space, so the sky's the limit when it comes to customization.

When you order vinyl in the colors and transparency you prefer, there are multiple ways to craft your decals. Trace your image or phrase on the vinyl or paint the mural you have in mind. You might even paste things on your vinyl with mod podge if it's part of your decal vision.

You also get the freedom to cut the decal in different ways, which allows you to create something more personalized than if you ordered a specific pre-made product. An X-Acto knife fine-tunes any tiny corners or curved edges in your design, but you can also invest in a die-cutting machine for larger prints and a future of frequent projects.

You Can Work With Your Child

If you found a decal online and quickly ordered it for delivery, it's a quick option that requires only your opinion. Your child will have more fun personalizing their bedroom if they get to be part of the project.

Once you talk with your child about what they want their decal to look like, you can order the materials and unroll them over the kitchen table. Your kids will love grabbing their paint or markers to help design and make their decal.

Craft participation may seem like simply a fun idea, but it also improves your child's development. Crafts provide a fundamental way for kids to get in touch with their self-expression and explore their interests. Additional opportunities to engage in creative projects can also help encourage kids to work through their emotions, feelings and discover more about their personality. These abilities stimulate their mental and emotional development, laying a secure foundation for success during their adult years.

Browse All of Your Options

Browse All of Your Options

There are endless possibilities for your kid's room wall decor needs. When you shop with Rvinyl, you'll find over 100 colors that make any project possible. You can also work with our translucent and see-through materials so you can place decals on your windows or mirrors. 

As you imagine the possibilities for your kid's room wall art ideas, don't forget about your project's size. We offer various sizes for every product that range from fitting on dresser drawers to spanning yards of wall space.

Our vinyl fits any budget and works for any project, but they also come with a three-year warranty. If your decal experiences any cracking, fading or peeling, you can request a replacement film for defective products.

Shop our high-quality vinyl inventory and stock up on what you need to take advantage of our free shipping for orders over $59. Don't forget to post a photo of your finished project! When you send us your picture, you'll get a free rebate for your next decal.