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Clear Bra Installation

BMW paint protection kits by Rshield gives the do-it-yourself installer the tools they need to protect the delicate finish of their vehicle's paint job at a price anyone can afford. This protection film isn't nearly as thick as XPEL brand films meaning it is easier to work with and doesn't require a blow torch or steamer to stretch over your vehicle's surfaces. Simply apply a little heat using a heat gun or hair dryer, using a squeegee with friction sleeve to smooth it down and your job can be done in a matter of minutes.

BMW clear bra films are formulated especially to protect your painted surfaces from the deleterious effects of UV radiation, scratches, scuffing and debris. Over time, the chemical clear coat on your vehicle's paint erodes due to pollution. This process exposes the porous surface of the finish to the elements meaning its only a matter of time until the paint degrades and fades. Protect your investment with Rshield film, save money now and in the future make it back with a higher resale value.

At, we understand that your BMW is more than just a car--it is a visible representation of who you are and what image you want to project to the world. We offer these films in a variety of roll sizes so you can get just the right amount of film for your project. Whether you're looking to wrap your rocker panels, your door edges or your bumpers we have a wrap that is sized and priced for your needs. Because we cater to the do-it-yourself installer you can be sure that you'll never be forced to buy more than you need ever again.

When you install Rshield clear bra protection wraps on your BMW you are making a smart choice to protect your vehicle for years to come. But, for many of us, when we think of applying PPF bras on our vehicles, we immediately think that it's a job best left to professionals. Well, we couldn't be more wrong. With the help of Rshield's detailed written instructions and videos anyone can be a pro clear bra installer in a matter of minutes. And, because this film comes to you uncut, wrapping can be much easier than installing a precut kit. From wraps to front bumper kits, the solution is clear. Protection films are the most cost effective way of keeping your vehicle looking new while shielding it from the daily rigors of driving.