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Carbon Fiber Dash Trim

Acura Integra Rdash trim kits in carbon fiber are a great option for anyone with a leased car or who is looking to secure their resale value. Made with special air-release technology, these semi-permanent kits adhere strongly enough that they won’t delaminate but will release when you want to remove them without taking pieces of your dash with them.

Installation of these kits Acura Integra can seem to be just a simple peel and stick procedure but, as with anything, you want to have the right tools before you begin the job. This why we offer burnishing tools, squeegees and installation fluids for purchase separately or combined with your purchase to make your project both quick and painless.

Acura Integra carbon trim kits are available in black, red, blue and even silver finishes. We are also proud to offer high-quality, polyurethane kits (the same ones you get straight from the dealership) as well as our vinyl Rdash trim. Whichever you choose you can rest assured knowing that your ride will have a truly customized look at an affordable price. Set your interior panels off with 3D carbon fiber film dash kits.