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Window tint has always been a staple of automotive customization for both practical and aesthetic reasons. Regardless of whether your car just rolled off the lot or if it has been around the block more than once, a well tinted ride says a lot about its driver and whether or not they take pride in their vehicle. But, if you�re reading this, it goes without saying that you do care about your car and the image it presents to the world. For all these reasons and more, Rvinyl is proud to offer Rtint�s full line of pre-cut window tint kits custom designed to fit the exact year, make and model of hundreds of different cars, trucks and SUVs.

Because window tint can be time-consuming to apply, most people assume that it�s a job best left to a local shop despite the high-cost and the ever-present possibility of shoddy work. Rtint changed all of that when they began selling high-quality pre-cut window tint kits for their exact make, model and year directly to the consumer. Rtint window kits are synonymous with customization so not only can you choose 5%, 20%, 35% or 50% VLT (visual light transmission) films for all of the windows of your vehicle, you can purchase a complete kit or one which includes only the rear, front or back windows.

Pre-cut window visors are a great addition to any car or truck both due to the protection they offer from the sun and because they add a classic and sporty look to any windshield. Made from the same high-quality Rtint tint film as the larger pre-cut window tint kits we carry, these visor strips give you a flawless execution and a great install each and every time. Available as model specific versions or as universal, trim-to-fit applications Rtint visor strips take the pain out of summer time driving.

In addition to self-adhesive window tint visors, Rvinyl also offers these strips in Rtint�s premium static cling film. This tint carries a 20% VLT so it is legal in most states and is also available in pre-cut or universal configurations. The best thing about these static-cling visor kits, however, is that they can be taken off and reapplied as many times as desired making installation breeze. Better yet, if visibility is poor due to bad weather you can simply remove the tint, roll it up and re-install it on a sunny day.

For those committed to total customization Rvinyl also carries Rtint window tint film in 20 and 40-inch widths in rolls of varying sizes. Starting at the ridiculously low cost of $3.99 for our smallest sheet of window film we sell these in lengths of up to ten feet. Offered in all of Rtint�s tint shades and ready to ship you can be sure of getting the right stuff to complete any custom window tint project imaginable.

At Rvinyl, providing you with the highest quality and most installer-friendly headlight tint kits on the market is an obsession. We understand that when you purchase an Rtint window tint kits for your car or truck you're not making just any purchase; you're making a statement about who you are and how you want the world to see you. Customizing cars has been a passion of our since we started back in 2003 and we are proud to be able to share it with customers like you every single day. Whether you�re looking to upgrade an older car or tune a new one we want to be the people you come to first for the best-priced and most innovative products on the market.

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Featured Reviews
Not like the first time.
Well let's start with my first order I had a year ago. Tint came in quick. And cut correctly. Even cutout where the defroster connection attached to the window. Everything went perfectly.

Fast forward to now. I ordered a darker tint this time after a incident resulting in my old tint peeling. When it arrived it was all packaged nicely. However once I got the driver door tint on I noticed it was about half a inch too short! It's showing daylight through the bottom of my window at certain angles. Hardly noticeable but not as good as my original order from a year ago. It actually went down more into the door. Must be trying to cut cost or something.

The passenger door went on fine and actually was slightly long than the drivers. So I had to cut some off the side of the door. Only like 1/8 of inch.

Finally the big bad boy rear window the infamous firebird/corvette/Camaro rear window. Last time I had two creases. But this time I noticed the defroster connectors weren't cut out like the last. What a shame. This actually ended up costing me a bad tear and creases in places. And also this one too was TOO SMALL. All the way around I have it about 1/8 of inch of sunlight leveling through all over. So I decided to move it over a smudge so just half the window has a light leak.

Overall the quality of employee pride in their work and dimensions have been lost since I first bought from this place. Will not buy again.

(Side note; you can't cancel and order even after 5mins on a nonbusisness day! I accidentally ordered a convertible model rear window tint (it was default setting. Which is beyond me on why) and I had to order another one in the correct style. Customer service couldn't even change it cause it was "already in process" if it's not shipped it should be swapped out quickly."

Dissatisfied with Rvinyl. But you can't beat the price.

I bought static cling tint for my tail lights and front windshield of my 2009 Altima. After meticulously applying them I was pleased until 2 days later on a road trip the tail light cling apparently flew off at some point during the trip. About 3 weeks later while driving in the rain the cling tint on the front windshield began to come off/ uncling rather quickly as I was driving. I had to pull over in the pouring rain and take it off before losing it completely. Needless to say I felt like it was a total waste of money for me very disappointed in both products.

ford explorer front windows
Window tint came out perfect... I did put a crease in it but in all installed very easy with no problems. Other than me nor having some of the proper tools haha

Great service. Perfect product.
I bought the pre cut window tint. Perfectly cut easy installation. Will buy again.

4runner oldie but goodie
I have been using Window Film from Rvinyl for over 2 years and my results keep getting better and better!

While working on a project (1997 4runner) that I arose from the dead, Rvinyl's window tint just put the icing on the cake.

For the DIY'fer that I am (tinting for over 10 years - hobby) I would recommend Rvinyl's precut kits to anyone who would like to save $$, maintain a great warranty and professional style without the headache of paying inflated prices.