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Racing Gauges

Indiglo racing gauges are one of the hottest interior, aftermarket accessories on the market today. Choose from our wide selection of gauges which help you quickly and accurately measure the performance of your vehicle and look good doing it. Best yet, all of these racing gauges can be dash mounted or installed in a custom gauge pod. Rvinyl understands that when you customize your car it is not solely an expression of your style and taste but a direct reflection of everything that you are. Because of this, we work hard to ensure that any of the gauge accessories you purchase from Rvinyl will provide both an upgraded look and optimal performance.

Whether you choose an air fuel racing gauge or a tachometer, all of the meters that Rvinyl carries feature ridiculously beautiful Indiglo faces with laser accurate readings. From sound activated gauges to your standard Indiglo performance meter, has what it takes to set your car off on race day or at the car show. Pick from Rvinyl’s incredibly large selection of universal racing gauges for a completely custom race-inspired look today.

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Rvinyl is excited to have partnered with Spec-D Tuning to offer our customers a full line of Indiglo racing gauges and meters to completely customize and improve any vehicle’s interior. In business for a decade, Spec-D Tuning prides themselves on their superb knowledge of automobile parts and the accessory market that is rapidly evolving each year. The ability to quickly adapt to any changes within the marketplace has become the key to a successful business in today’s economy. Their extensive knowledge, as well as their willingness to act upon it, has enabled them to become the industry's lead automotive parts provider.

Dash Mounted Gauges

American Car Craft is well-known throughout the auto accessory world as purveyors of high-quality, custom-made stainless-steel accessories. Based right here in the USA, American Car Craft is dedicated to making automotive trim from only the highest quality materials and to standards unparalleled in the world of aftermarket accessories. If it’s stainless or chrome you’re looking for then a dash kit from American Car Craft would be the perfect finishing touch to your custom ride.

Defi Gauges

At Rvinyl, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality and most accurate racing gauges on the market. We understand that when you purchase a Spec-D Tuning antenna for your car or truck you're not making just any purchase--you're making a statement about who you are and how you want the world to see you. Customizing cars has been a passion of our since we started back in 2003 and we are proud to be able to share it with customers like you every single day. Whether you’re looking to upgrade an older car or tune a new one we want to be the people you come to first for the best-priced and most innovative products on the market.