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Automotive LED Lights offers the largest selection of automotive LED lights to upgrade dim factory bulbs or simply add excitement and style to any vehicle. Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are designed using transistors coated with light emitting substrates which emit brilliant light when current is applied. When compared to incandescent bulbs, LEDs produce more lumens per watt and do so without causing high heat meaning that they are ideal for safety and visibility. The low-heat generation of LEDs, moisture-proof settings and vibration-resistant design means that they will generally last well beyond the lifetime of any vehicle in which they are applied.

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The improved response time of LED lights in comparison with incandescent bulbs means they are uniquely suited for use in brake or reverse light applications. The fact that they light up a fifth of a second quicker than traditional bulbs may not seem like much but that translates into a quicker response from other drivers and could mean the difference between maintaining a safe breaking distance and a potentially catastrophic accident.


Our full line of replacement LEDs from ProFocos offers the most complete catalog of automotive applications on the market. Whether you want to replace your blinkers, turn signals, dome lights or license plate illumination we have an LED for you and in a stunning variety of colors as well. And, because all vehicles are different, we carry the full range of warning cancellers and wire harnesses needed to ensure that your brake lights and turn signals, dome and glove box lights stay on solid or pulsate as required by law.

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In addition to ProFocos replacement LEDs and accessories, is excited to offer the full line of ProFocos LED strip lighting, halogen bulbs and HID headlight upgrade kits as well. Whether your goal is to improve your safety by making yourself more visible and illuminating the road before you with the candle power only LEDs and halogens can provide or you simply want to enhance and upgrade the look of your ride, ProFocos Lighting products.

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