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Anyone who owns a car and cares about its appearance will tell you that more than half of the secret to keeping it looking good is where and how you park it. For this reason is excited to offer our customers a complete line of garage protectors and parking aides to help keep their rides looking like the show cars they are destined to be. Whether you’re in the market for professional wall guards to prevent scuffing and scraping your doors or ABS extruded wheel stoppers we’ve got what you need to protect both your garage and your vehicle and keep them looking great for years to come.

If you’re an automotive enthusiast it’s pretty safe to assume that you have been around the block a few times and have seen what passes for parking accessories. Sure, you can use a pool noodle and make a do-it-yourself garage wall and door guard but do you really want your garage to look like the inside of the ball pit at Chuck E. Cheese? If you would rather leave the noodles to the amateurs and make your garage look like the work space and upscale parking salon it really is then Spec-D Tuning’s high-impact foam wall guards are just what the doctor ordered.

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Spec-D’s Garage Door Bumper kits lend your space an air of sophistication and professionalism with their crisp, clean lines and brightly colored yellow and black hazard stripes. Made from ultra-durable, impact-resistant foam that applies in seconds to your garage wall with pre-mounted tape for quick and painless installation make these the ultimate parking accessories. And, with the seamless design of these bumpers you can line them up end to end in order to protect all of the walls of your garage.

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Over shooting the mark is one of the most common problems drivers face when parking in small or confined spaces. At we understand that not everyone has a cavernous or stadium-like garage in which to park so it only makes sense to prevent scratches, dents and scuffs that can occur by ensure your wheels know when to stop even if you don’t. Sure, you can use the old tennis ball on a string trick but if you go that route you may as well tack pool noodles everywhere and turn your garage into a romper room. But, if you would rather use the space for your ride and big boy auto toys then you need this pro-grade wheel stop from Spec-D. Made from corrosion resistant ABS plastic and brightly colored for low-light visibility this is one parking aide you won’t regret buying.

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