3m 2080 vs 3m 1080

3M™ 2080 Series vs. 3M™ 1080 Series Wraps

Just when you thought the 3M™ 1080 wraps couldn’t get any better, 3M™ developed and launched its new 2080 wrap line in August 2019. With advanced technology and protection enhancement, the 2080 line is a fresh generation of vinyl film. 3M™ committed themselves to developing an easier wrap installation process for do-it-yourself fanatics — and came up with the 2080 series.

The 2080 series has features that revolutionize the film sector and deliver innovations for your vehicle customization projects. They are ideal for professional installers, small business owners and DIY enthusiasts. Its predecessor, the 3M™ 1080 line, also had incredible success and has helped pave the way for vinyl improvements.

Rvinyl will take you through the advantages of the revised series and discuss the differences in the 2080 wrap line vs. the popular 1080 vinyl series. There’s nothing better than having the best products to upgrade the look of your car.

The Innovative 3M™ 2080 Film

In the last five years, the film wrapping industry has seen 25% growth every 12 months. In the U.S. alone, 3M™ has a turnover of $32 billion. It also operates in 200 countries. The company remains focused on improving and boosting the performance of their solutions to support car enthusiasts like you. The new 2080 series guarantees performance and aesthetics to keep you fresher than any other car on the road.

Modeled after the success of the 1080 series, the 2080 film is thin, with a simple application formula. It has exceptional conformability and softness, making it fit in channels and around curves more efficiently for a sleek and clean appearance. The 3M™ 2080 vinyl can adapt to the most prominent bends and bows in your car without you have to worry about air bubbles.

The most significant and advanced aspect of the new film is that it has a transparent protective layer on the surface of gloss vinyl. The wrap’s polyethylene and low-density properties allow it to protect the original film while minimizing any imperfections like stains or glaze. It also reduces impressions, reassuring you that the coating will protect the final product. The term “impression” is an umbrella term for issues such as blotchy, hazy or molted looks on the wrap.

The 3M™ 2080’s extra cover creates less friction on the trowel while you’re installing the film. The solution stays in place during installation, but you can easily remove it once you apply the film, making sure to take off the protective sheet before post-heating.

3m 2080 benefits

The innovative and conformable technology of the 2080 film forms a beautiful and flawless finish, whether you’re working on a sports car, heavy-duty truck or classic vehicle. The protective layer also means you can cut the film with 3M™ Knifeless tape. Using the tape will help ensure that the marks and scratches affecting the protective coating won’t transfer to the actual film, shielding the glossy finish.

On top of the transparent protective layer, the advanced 2080 series offers an incredible warranty — the best on the current market. The warranty includes up to eight years for applications that are vertical using gloss, matte and satin solutions. The other finishes like carbon fiber and brushed metals have a five-year warranty. With more than 100 shades to choose from, you will also experience more durability. No matter the finish or color of the 2080 film, the warranty will have you covered. Several color choices include flip, standard and premium.

Advantages of the 2080 series include:

  • Transparent and protective surface layer
  • Powerful aesthetics
  • Quality performance
  • Thin and soft characteristics
  • Exceptional conformability
  • Reduced number of impressions and scratches
  • Easy removal after application
  • Use of 3M™ Knifeless Tape
  • Eight and five-year warranties

3M™ conducted extensive research and listened to customer feedback to create the 2080 vinyl film. Comprised of durable and high-quality components, it can help you bring your vision to life. Thinking of lime green or vibrant purple? Or how about more subtle colors like grey and white? Anything your mind can create can become a reality.

3m 2080 specs

Specs of the 2080 Series

The 2080 series has one-upped the vinyl film game in that it’s ready to use right out of the box. It also doesn’t require an overlaminate. You can rely on the wrap not to deform or discolor over time because of the film’s dual-color layers and durability. Specifications of the 2080 vinyl include:

  • Cast vinyl wrap with multiple layers
  • More than 100 colors available
  • Available in eight styles
  • Pressure-sensitive adhesive
  • 3M™ Controltac™ technology for simple repositioning
  • Air-drain Comply™ that’s invisible for a bubble-free application
  • 60-inch rolls sold by the foot help you avoid wrapping with seams

Your options are endless, whether you’re looking for a matte black or deep orange gloss finish. 3M™ knew what they were doing and produced a film that surpasses all expectations. From a simple and bubble-free installation to multiple styles and repositioning technology, you have the best vinyl films in your reach to complete any project. And it doesn’t have to be for cars only. Consider wrapping instruments, sports bikes or anything else you can think of.

Benefits of the 3M™ 1080 Film

Yes, the renewed version of the 3M™ 1080 film has hit the market, but it doesn’t mean the OG version is no longer worthy.

The 1080 wrap is a dual-cast film that can resist acids, mild alkalis, salt, water and fuel spills. It creates the look of a renewed paint job while also protecting your car’s surface. With a simple installation process, the car vinyl won’t deform or discolor even when it comes to intricate curves. Available in matte, gloss, satin, brushed metal and carbon fiber, it comes in more than 80 colors.

If you’re searching for a bubble-free application that’s removable and semi-permanent, the 1080 series gives you the freedom to wrap your car to enhance its aesthetic. You can wrap your car in different sections as well, including a full, partial, roof, cockpit or hood installation.

Advantages of working with 3M™ 1080 film include:

  • Long-term finish
  • Non-permanent application
  • An adhesive that allows you to reposition it until perfect
  • A pressure-activated film that you can apply via a squeegee
  • Air-release channels for discharging bubbles
  • Resistant to water, salt, mild alkalis and acids
  • Adheres to flat and curved surfaces

Apply the 3M™ 1080 film to any vehicle for enhanced graphics, detailing or decoration. Both the 1080 and 2080 versions provide impeccable finishes that look like fresh paint jobs — without you having to spend all your savings.

Comparing the 3M™ 2080 vs. 1080

As 3M™ conducted extensive research on how to upgrade the 1080 film version, they found several aspects that could use a bit of improvement. The protective and transparent layer is the most significant difference between the 3M™ 2080 and 3M™ 1080 films. The key differences between the new 2080 line and the previous 1080 series include the following:

1. Increased Conformability

With the ability to conform to intense curves, divots and channels on your car’s surface, the 3M™ 2080 series delivers easier installation compared to the 1080. The tint’s improved stretch gives you additional confidence during your DIY application. Installing the wrap in crevices and around intricate curves will be simpler than ever.

Enhanced conformability also produces a seamless and flawless finish. You will worry less about bubbles and imperfections with the 2080 vinyl tint, giving you the professional look you didn’t know you could achieve.

2. Protective Layer

Along with conformability, the 2080 series has a transparent protective coat — meaning no more scratching the vinyl during application. It is a patent-pending protective layer for complete full-gloss wraps that leaves a pristine and glossy surface.

3m 2080 protective layer

First, apply the vinyl film to your vehicle, making sure to squeegee out any air bubbles. Once you complete the installation, pull off the polyethylene layer. It will reveal a smooth surface because the extra sheet will contain any marks, impressions and scratches from the application. Instead of wrecking your new vinyl with marks, the layer will take the brunt of installation imperfections.

3. Improved Warranty

Compared to other film warranties on the market, the 3M™ 2080 has the best horizontal and vertical contracts in the vinyl wrap industry. 3M™ puts their products through extensive weather testing for all seasons and elements to ensure your wrap lasts for up to eight or five years. The non-prorated coverage allows you to receive full replacement throughout the entire warranty.

4. New Colors

The 1080 film already has more than 80 colors from which you can choose, but 3M™ added several new looks to the 2080 vinyl. Available in original colors and finishes, the 2080 also includes fresh looks that can help you stand out among the crowd.

5. Available in 8 Finishes

The 2080 lines are available in gloss, satin, matte, matte metallic, gloss metallic, color flip, carbon fiber and brushed flip.

If you’re searching for a polished, reflective and sheered finish, the glossy effects may be your best bet. If you want more of a subtle appearance, matte films will give you a modernized look. Satin is between gloss and matte in reflectiveness, giving you the best qualities of both. Color flip gives you a shade-shifter appearance that produces a chameleon effect. Honestly, you can’t go wrong no matter what finish you settle on.

The key differences that set the 3M™ 1080 and the 3M™ 2080 apart are the new and enhanced features of the 2080 line. From higher conformability to a superior protective layer, the 2080 series will leave you with the best vinyl wrap results. People won’t be able to keep their eyes off your car.

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