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When you want the look of real metal with a 3D effect you want Avery™ SF 100 Metalized films. This Holographic Craft Vinyl is made from polyester and has the durability and rigidity you'd expect from real metal sheeting. Choose from Silver and Gold Chrome, Gold Leaf, Confetti and more. Perfect for use in any brand of vinyl cutter, make decals, signs, vehicle graphics and more with this long-lasting craft film.

Manufacturer Part Number: Avery-SF100-M

Avery™ SF 100 Holographic Craft Film

  • Metalized, Polyester Craft Film
  • Holographic
  • 3 Year Outdoor Durability
  • 24-inch Wide
  • 4 Mil Thick

Avery™ SF100 Metalized Craft Film

Looking for an environmentally friendly way to get the exotic look of Engine Turn, Brushed Metal, Confetti or Gold and Silver Leaf in your homemade signs, decals and labels? Want to add an olde time or steam punk look to your office or classroom? Look no further than Avery™ SF100 Metalized Craft films. Made with rigid polyester, these films actually feel and perform like real metal sheeting. Best of all, they're top coated to accept thermal printing so you can use them in your next sign or craft project. Unlike cheaper chrome and metallic vinyl wraps that quickly fade and discolor in as little as three months' time, these films give you three years of use. Get peace of mind with Avery Dennison™ SF100 Holographic Craft Film..

SF 100 Holographic Craft Series Specifications

  • Finish: Mirror
  • Installation Temperature Range: 50° F (10° C)
  • End Use Temperature Range: -30° - 165°F (-34° - 74° C)
  • Adhesives: : Permanent Clear Acrylic
  • Liner: 78# Kraft
  • Conformability: Flat, simple curves
  • Thickness: 4 mil
  • Application Type: Wet

Cash Back for Your Photos

Want to get up to $20 for your next project? Just send us 5 or 6 high-quality photos of your Avery Dennison™ SF 100 Holographic Craft accent films on your vehicle, write up a brief review and send it to us. Within a few days we'll process your submissions and issue up to a $20 Refund! So, don't just sit there, pick up a roll and get your cash today!


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