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Custom Cadillac dash kits restyle, refresh and renew the look of your interior. Whether you've just driven your new ATS off the lot or have a classic coupe Deville in need of some TLC, Rdash™ Cadillac custom dash kits give you the perfect DIY solution to personalize and upgrading your interior trim. Choose from over 100 different finishes such as carbon fiber, wood, brushed aluminum and chrome custom dash kits all for under $100. Made specifically to your vehicle's specifications you just can't find a custom trim accessory like this anywhere else.

Manufacturer Part Number: CDK-1719
  • Completely restyle your Cadillac's interior in less than an hour
  • Precut trim pieces install over your existing dash
  • Not a universal dash cover
  • Semi-permanent self-adhesive dash kits apply like decals
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Detailed cleaning and installation instructions included

Cadillac Custom Dash Kits

Cadillac custom dash kits give you the ability to completely make-over the appearance of your interior. Don't be confused by so-called custom dash kit products that are really just universal dash covers or accent trim. For under $100 you can get a true, precut dash kit for your Cadillac ATS, Allante, Brougham  or Fleetwood made to your specifications and intended for DIY installation. How does it work? First you select your make, model and year and then you choose from one of over 100 finishes like carbon fiber, wood, brushed aluminum or chrome. Once you check out we then send an email asking you to confirm additional details so we can begin your custom designed Caddie dash kit.

Why do we do this? Two reasons: The first is because your dash kit will be truly custom made and we need to know if you have power locks and windows, if you have an auto or manual shifter and other information needed to make a kit that will fit your vehicle like a glove. Secondly, because you're buying a custom made product, your purchase is non-refundable so we want to make sure know exactly what you're getting before we begin design. Once you've replied to our follow up email you can expect an email within 7 to 14 business days notifying you that your custom Cadillac dash kit has shipped.

The Art & Science of Custom Dash Kits

When you make the decision to buy a custom dash kit for your Cadillac we use the CAD technology to design your dash trim kit used to make the 1200 plus dash kits we carry. For over a decade we've specialized in designing and producing custom dash kits for every automaker in the US and abroad. So, whether you have a CTS that you want to upgrade to carbon fiber, an SRX in need of some chrome or a classic Deville needing a woodgrain refresh you can count on our designers to deliver the custom dash trim you've been dreaming of. Why look anywhere else when we've got everything you need?

So far, so good but it's only natural to want to see exactly what you'll be getting when you order as custom Cadillac dash trim. Over the years we have designed literally hundreds of dash kits and have discovered that there's no good way to predict which trim pieces we will be able to include in every kit until we begin the design process. This is due to the ever-changing variety of dash materials used by carmakers like GM, the geometry of the interior and the limitations of our laminates themselves. However, most custom kits usually include a core set of trim pieces which we've listed below:

  • Surrounds for the transmission console
  • Trim for the door controls
  • Surrounds fro air and defogger vents
  • Trim for the HVAC and radio
  • Navigation trim

And although most custom dash kits offer many more pieces it's really hard to tell you what kind of trim to expect before we begin our research. Probably the best way to get an idea of the number trim pieces to expect from your custom Cadillac dash kit is to check out designs for other Cadillacs that we already have designed such as the STS, Escalade and Catera.

Custom Cadillac Interior Trim

We truly take pride in our work and want you to know that the same painstaking design and research that goes into making Cadillac the leader in American luxury is to be found in every custom dash kit we produce. We measure, test and re-test every trim piece we create for you until we're sure of its precision fit but accuracy of design is only one part of the whole package. Because our Cadillac dash kits are meant for DIY installation, the quality of the instructions we send with each kit is of paramount importance. We have spent time refining our cleaning and installation instructions in order to distill them into an easy to follow, single page guide. With this simple instruction sheet you'll be guided through every step in the process from preparation and cleaning to installation and aftercare. And for those of you who prefer to watch, we have a selection of video tutorials as well.

One last thing before you buy a custom Cadillac dash kit: all of our dash kits are eligible for our $20 cash back rebate promotion. Simply install your custom kit in your Caddie, take 5 or more multiple angle photos and upload or email them in to us. Within no time at all we'll send you a refund and notify you when your pics have been posted to our site an blog. So, what are you waiting for? Restyle your Cadillac today with a custom dash kit from Rvinyl!

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