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    The Cadillac SRX 2010-2016 is the second generation SRX. Taking criticism of its predecessor and improving upon it, this luxurious crossover utility vehicle arrives on a new front-drive platform and with far better space efficiency and boasts a more fuel efficient performance. Enhance classic car's pillar posts with Rtrim™ Pillar Post Trim. Select between an assortment of different colors, patterns and finishes to best bring out your car's personality. Exhibit a new vibe for dull or scuffed pillars with your own style, from Carbon Fiber to bright Chameleon Midnight Sparkle vinyl. Rtrim™ Pillar Post Trim are pre-cut and easy to install, along with being manufactured with air-release channels in its semi-permanent adhesives so you never have to worry about damaging your vehicle. Submit high quality pictures of your newly enhanced pillars and receive a Rebate Refund!

    Fitment Years: 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
    Manufacturer Part Number: PT-CAD-SRX-10

    Rtrim™ Pillar Post Trim Features

    • Custom exterior styling for your ride in under half an hour
    • Precut Pillar Trim installs as an accent over factory pillars
    • Customize and upgrade your exterior door and window trim
    • Durable yet removable, Rtrim™ Pillar Trims apply like a decal or skin
    • 3-Year Warranty with every purchase

    Rtrim™ Pillar Post Trim

    Rtrim™ Precut Pillar Trim kits are made from premium, self-adhesive Rwraps™ film. Each precut trim kit includes all of the pieces you need to restyle your A, B or C pillars and the complete kit will be shown in the schematic of your vehicle's precut trim kit diagram above.

    Seamless Exterior Trim Design

    Rtrim™ pillar post kits are the thinnest trim kits designed to blend seamlessly with your exterior and appear more like an OEM part or paint than traditional, hard plastic kits. Enjoy these affordable and easy to use alternatives to dipping your pillars or unsightly, thick domed kits that stick out like a sore thumb. Designed to be removable if desired without damaging your vehicle, you can swap them out year after year as your tastes change.

    The Quality You Need

    Each warranty backed pillar trim kit comes ready to install, guaranteed not to fade or delaminate for years to come. These kits apply much like a decal or sticker, but are designed to last for years. Made from the same Rwraps™ films as Rdash™ dash kits, you can completely wrap your ride, inside and out, with the same color or pattern of film so you get a completely custom look.

    Product Requirement and Fitment Notes:

    • Cadillac SRX 2010-2016

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