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Daewoo custom dash kits are the perfect way to restyle, refresh and update your car’s interior. With over 100 different finishes to choose from there’s something to fit everyone’s taste. And, since each custom kit is available for under $100 you can get a completely customized look without breaking the bank. Every custom Daewoo dash kit is backed by a Lifetime Warranty and guaranteed to fit your interior seamlessly. Plus, when you send in installed photos of your dash kit you can get a $20 instant cash back refund!

Manufacturer Part Number: CDK-1867
  • Available in over 100 colors & finishes
  • Customizes your interior in under an hour
  • Detailed, easy to follow instructions included
  • Semi-permanent and self adhesive
  • Covered by a Lifetime Warranty
  • Cash Back Photo Rebate

Daewoo Custom Dash Kits

Daewoo custom dash kits let you completely revitalize the interior  of your Lanos, Leganza or Nubira in under an hour. And with over 100 different colors and finishes to choose from there's bound to be something to suit your taste. But selection isn't all you get when you purchase a custom Daewoo trim kit, you also get unbeatable prices. Why pay hundreds of dollars to have a shop paint or dip your interior when you can get incredible results with a precut Rdash® kit?

To order your precut, model specific Daewoo custom dash kit simply select your vehicle and finish selection and checkout. Within a few minutes' time we will send you an email requesting a little more information about your Daewoo's interior. For example, do you have a stick or an auto shifter, digital or analog radio and HVAC controls, etc. Once you reply and confirm your details our designers will immediately begin work on your custom Daewoo dahs kit. At this point your order can no longer be cancelled or refunded but, not worry, because it is guaranteed to fit and is covered by an ironclad Lifetime Warranty. Design typically takes around 7 to 14 days and then your kit is produced and shipped quickly to your door.

DIY Custom Interior Trim

There are a lot of companies who use the term "custom dash kit" to describe any number of products like fabric dash covers and insert trim in order to get you to buy them. As a result, many of our customers are unsure what a custom Daewoo dash kit really is. In short, when you order a custom dash trim you're getting a set of accent trim pieces that are custom designed to fit over your Daewoo's dash and interior in order to change its  look and feel.

Naturally, many of our customers want to see exactly which pieces are included but, since each kit is designed just for you, we simply don't know how many pieces there will be until after we finish your dash kit. In general, however, you can expect trim for the following areas of your Daewoo's interior:

  • Shifter surround
  • Door controls
  • Air vents
  • Climate controls & radio
  • Navigation console
  • Center console

We also suggest taking a look at our pre-designed Daewoo dash kits in order to get a better idea of the types of trim you can expect to get with one of our custom designed dash kits.

Personalize Your Daewoo

Our designers have over a decade of experience in designing custom dash kits and have 1200 plus designs under their belt. In other words, when you buy a Daewoo custom dash kit from us, you know it's going to fit your ride like a glove. In addition to looking great and fitting well, our dash kits are made to be relatively straightforward to install. To help you in the installation process we have taken the time to write detailed, easy to follow instructions distilled into a single page format for ease of use. Shipped with every dash kit, this guide will walk you through every aspect of the process from cleaning to installation through to after-care.

After you have successfully installed your Daewoo custom dash kit  send us  5 or more photos of it to receive up to a $20 rebate refund. Besides the cash back your Daewoo will also be featured on our website and blog. That means you get fame, good looks and money! Buy a custom Daewoo dash kit today because all good things must come to an end!

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