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Dodge custom dash kits are the ultimate DIY option for anyone who wants to refresh, restyle and revitalize their vehicle's interior. Made from premium quality laminates in over 100 different colors and finishes like carbon fiber, camo and chrome just to name a few, there's something for everyone. Why spend up to 4 times as much to have a shop paint or dip your Dodge's interior when you can do it yourself with a custom dash kit for under $100? Buy today and treat your Dodge the way it deserves to be treated.

Manufacturer Part Number: CDK-1947
  • Custom Dodge dash its can be made in over 100 different finishes
  • Restyle and customize your interior in under an hour
  • Easy to follow instructions included
  • Semi-permanent adhesives allow you to remove
  • Every custom kit carries a Lifetime Warranty
  • $20 Cash Back Photo Rebate

Dodge Custom Dash Kits

When you want to customize the interior trim of your Dodge there's no better or easier way to do it than with an Rdash® custom dash kit. Choose from carbon fiber, diamond plate, wood grains, chromes, brushed aluminum and 100 other colors and finishes to get a look that complements the interior of your Dart, Challenger, Charger or Dakota. Why spend hundreds of dollars to have a so-called professional paint or dip your Dodge's interior trim when you can do it yourself and spend less than $100? With prices and selection this good and an installation process that will take less than an hour to complete, why would you trust your beloved Dodge to anyone else? Buy a custom Dodge dash kit from Rvinyl and DIY all the way to the bank!

Ordering the Dodge custom dash kit you need has never been easier. Simply use our intuitive drop-down selector to navigate to your make, model and year, choose your finish, add any tools or fluids you think you might need and checkout.  In a few minutes time, we will send an email requesting that you provide us with additional details so that we can design a custom dash kit specifically for your vehicle. We'll need to know things like the configuration of your dashboard, if you have a manual or auto transmission, digital or analog radio and HVAC, power locks and doors, and other things that will determine how we design your kit. Once you have replied with the necessary information we can no longer cancel or refund the purchase but don't worry, your custom dash kit is guaranteed to fit and carries a Lifetime Warranty against defects. Within one to two weeks your dash kit will be designed and fabricated. You'll receive an email notifying you of shipment and, soon enough, your new kit will be at your door!

Dodge Custom Trim

Lots of companies like to use the term "custom" these days but, if you've spent any time at all looking for a true custom Dodge dash kit for your Journey, Ram, Magnum or Grand Caravan you know that most of the products out there are either universal dash covers or pre-existing dash kits for years and models that don't match yours. When you buy a custom dahs kit from us, however, you're getting a trim kit that has been designed specifically for your vehicle and according to your specifications. With over 10 years of experience in the industry and 1200 dash kit designs under our belt, you can trust Rvinyl to create the custom dash kit of your dreams.

It's only natural for our customers to want to know what will be included in their custom dash kit but, due to the fact that these Dodge dash kits are custom designed, we simply don't know what will be included in your specific kit. However, after years of designing custom dash kits, we have more or less of an idea about which areas will be covered. These are as follows:

  • Shifter surrounds and inserts
  • Door controls and panels
  • Air and defogger vents
  • Climate controls & radio trim
  • Navigation console
  • Center console surrounds

You may also want to take a look at some of our pre-existing designs such as the dash kits for the Caliber, Avenger or Viper to see what other types of trim are often included.

DIY Customization

All of our custom Dodge dash kits are designed for DIY installation. They are precut and designed for a true fit over the factory trim in your Dodge and can be installed by virtually anyone. One of the secrets to the success of our dash kits is that they are shipped with a single page how-to guide that details every step in the process while avoiding complex jargon so just about anyone can understand. In addition, we also have a collection of video tutorials that you can refer to if you prefer seeing it done rather than reading about it.

Once you've actually installed your custom Dodge dash kit you can get a little fame and $20 cash back! How? Well, take 5 or more high-quality pics of your dash kit, upload or email them to us and within a few days we'll issue you a refund and post the pics to our blog and site. What could be better? Treat yourself and buy a custom Dodge dash kit today!

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