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Custom Freightliner dash kits from Rdash® are the ultimate interior trim accessory. Perfect for those of you who lease, rent or want to preserve your resale value, all custom Freightliner dash kits are made using semi-permanent adhesive technology which means you can remove them without causing damage. Choose from over 100 different finishes to get just the look you want. Why pay hundreds of dollars to have a shop spray or dip your interior when you can get a completely custom look for under $100?

Manufacturer Part Number: CDK-1872B
  • Freightliner custom dash kits let you choose from over 100 different finishes
  • Completely customize your Freightliner in under an hour
  • Easy to follow instructions are provided with every trim kit
  • Covered by a Lifetime Warranty
  • Semi-permanent kits are ideal for rented or leased vehicles
  • Eligible for a $20 Cash Back Rebate

Freightliner Custom Dash Kits

Custom dash kits by Rdash® are a great way to completely restyle and personalize your Freightliner's interior and, because they are made with semi-permanent adhesive, they are the perfect option for those of you who are leasing or renting your trucks! These Freightliner dash kits are available in your choice of great options like carbon fiber, wood grains, brushed aluminum, chrome and 100 other finishes and colors. Whether you want to restyle your FL's cab, upgrade the dash trim of your Sprinter or customize the interior of your M2 there's no better, quicker or more affordable choice than a custom Freightliner dash kit.

It's never been more simple  to order a truly custom made dash kit for your Freightliner than through our intuitive web site. Just use our drop down menu to select your make, model and year then choose your color or finish. Once you've checked out, we'll send an email confirming your order and asking that you provide a little more detail about the configuration of your Freightliner. Typical questions we ask are whether your transmission is standard or automatic, if you have digital or manual HVAC and radio and whether or not you have in-dahs navigation. Once you reply we will begin design immediately and it is at this point that we are no longer able to cancel or refund your custom dash kit but not to worry:  all Rdash® custom trim kits are covered by a Lifetime Warranty and guaranteed to fit. The design process usually takes around 7 to 21 business days and when your custom Freightliner dash kit has been completed we will manufacture it and ship it to your door.

Freightliner Custom Trim Kits

It's only natural to want to know what pieces will be included in your custom kit before you buy. Unfortunately, because we make every Freightliner custom dash kit according to your specifications, we don't know before hand which pieces will be included or the exact trim areas they will accent. But, after more than a decade and 1200 plus dash kits, we do have a general idea of the most commonly included trim in our custom dash kits. These are as follows:

  • Transmission console trim
  • Door control pieces
  • Air & defogger vents
  • Climate control accents
  • Center console surrounds

DIY Customization

Every custom Freightliner dash kit we make is meant to be installed by you. This means that our designers take special care to test and re-test the fitment of every piece of trim. In addition, we include comprehensive but easy to understand and follow instructions that walk you through every step in the installation process. From cleaning, to preparation to application and after-care, our single page instructions provide all the guidance you need to get teh job done. And if you're  the type who would rather watch and learn we also have a variety of video tutorials you can turn to as well!

How does a $20 refund sound? If you're like most of us, it probably sounds pretty good. And all you have to do to get it is install your custom dash kit, take 5 or more pictures of it installed in your Freightliner and send them to us. Within a few days we will review your photos and send your refund. Then, when we've posted your pics to ur site and blog we'll send you an email to let you know. Really, there's just no excuse not to buy an Rdash® custom dash kit so heurry up and buy while the getting's good!

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