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ORACAL® 8300 Transparent Sign vinyl is so versatile that you'll run out of the film long before you run out of ideas on how to use it. Whether you want to make transparent window decals, use it to add color to glass architectural barriers, make highly-visible signage or even put it to use to tint head, taillight and fog light, this ORACAL® 8300 Transparent Sign vinyl really a sign shop's best friend. Use this great film in both indoor and outdoor applications and enjoy its five year durability. Yours in 30 great colors with clear adhesive and a 3 mil thickness it cuts and weeds great too!

Manufacturer Part Number: Oracal-8300

ORACAL® 8300 Transparent Sign Vinyl

  • Transparent Tinted Vinyl
  • Clear, Solvent-based,
  • Permanent Adhesives
  • Great UV, Temperature, Humidity Performance
  • Made for Easy Weeding
  • 5 Year Outdoor Durability

ORACAL® 8300 Transparent Sign Vinyl

ORACAL® 8300 Series Transparent Sign vinyl is an incredibly versatile film that can be used in any number of signage, architectural and automotive applications. Want to make inspired wall art with a ghost effect? Looking to tint your headlights, tail lights or fog lights? Want to make a window decal or add some flair to a glass room divider? ORACAL® 8300 Transparent Sign vinyl is perfect for these applications and more. Convert rolls of this film quickly and easily using your plotter cutter due to its larger format 24-inch size. Buy by the foot and get only what you need.

8300 Series Gloss Specifications

  • Finish: Gloss  
  • Minimum Installation Temperature:: 46°F
  • End Use Temperature Range: -40°F to 176°F (-40°C to 82°C)
  • Adhesives: Clear
  • Recommended Uses: Automotive, Architectural, Marine (above static water-line)
  • Conformability: Flat, compound, convex and concave curves
  • Thickness: 3 mil
  • Application Type: Wet or Dry

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Does this product have a safety spec sheet? Does is have fire retardant properties? Thank you, Jordan
January 30, 2020 11:10 PM
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Hi Jordan, You can find the technical data your are looking for on Oracal's Tech sheet here: Specs
Philip284725 February 4, 2020 9:02 AM