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Add the tuned look of Black carbon Fiber with this ORACAL® Premium Structure Cast Carbon 975CA film. Go for a complete Black Carbon vehicle wrap or try a partial hood, roof or fender wrap instead. ORACAL® 975CA vinyl is renowned as the DIYer's choice due to it's 5 to 6 mil thickness which makes it easier to work with than wraps with about half the thickness. And, once you're done, remember to send in pics and a review to get our $20 Instant Rebate too!

Manufacturer Part Number: 70

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Is there any specific size for the film?
Mckristan Onairos May 14, 2020 5:29 PM
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Mckristan, When you select either the "Product Options" or "Add to Cart" buttons, you will be prompted to select the size of film you want. The price will change based on the length of the film. This film is 60" or 5ft wide and offered from 12" to 25yds in length. Pretty much, we go you covered!
Rvinyl Product Guru May 15, 2020 9:05 AM