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Custom Pontiac dash kits are a great way to add some life and personalized style to the interior of your aging vehicle. Rdash™ custom dash kits offer you more selection than any other dah trim on the market with over 60 premium finishes and colors to choose from. Get popular styles like carbon fiber, brushed aluminum, chrome and more all for under $100 when you buy from us. don't spend hundreds to have a shop paint or dip your Pontiac's interior trim when you can do it yourself for much less and save precious time. Most kits install in less than an hour and you can use your Pontiac immediately after installation. No waiting for your kit to dry or cure!

Manufacturer Part Number: CDK-2111
  • More than 60 premium dash kit finishes to choose
  • Installation is simple and takes under an hour
  • Easy-to-understand guide included with every kit
  • Lifetime Warranty against defects, peeling, cracking and fading
  • $20 Cash Back Rebate for your installed photos

Custom Pontiac Dash Kits

Rdash® custom dash kits are the ideal way to upgrade and update the look and feel of your Pontiac's interior. With over 60 different, premium custom dash kit finishes to choose from there's a look and style to complement any interior and every taste. Whether you have a G6 or G8 screaming for carbon fiber, a Bonneville or Le Mans in need of a wood dash kit or a Grand Am, Gran Prix or Sunfire that could use some chrome trim TLC, we've got a larger selection than any other dash kit manufacturer out there.

Why pay hundreds of dollars to have your Pontiac sprayed, dipped or wrapped when you can get even better looking results for under $100? Rdash® custom dash kits are precut to fit the contours of your interior trim so installation is quick — most kits can be installed in under an hour. Plus, our dash kits are made using laminates with special, semi-permanent adhesive which means that once you apply them you don't have to wait for them to dry to use your car. Best of all, if you ever decide that you want to sell your vehicle or want a different look you can remove the Rdash® kit without damaging your interior. Don't try that with paint!

It may be that the only thing easier than using a custom Rdash® trim kit is ordering one on our website. We've put a lot of time and energy into making our site as user-friendly as possible and we think you'll be impressed. Within milliseconds you can find the custom Pontiac dash kit you need by using our drop-down menu selector. Once you find your kit, choose a finish and then checkout. We'll send you an email a few minutes after you've completed your purchase and ask for some more details about your vehicle's configuration. Once we get your reply, work will begin immediately and within 7 to 21 days you can expect your kit to be delivered to your door. Obviously, once a custom design has begun we can't cancel or refund but you have nothing to worry about since you're covered by a Lifetime Warranty.

Customize Your Pontiac's Interior

When you buy a custom dash kit you want to know exactly how many pieces your kit will contain. As much as we would like to tell you we just don't know what you're going to get until your design has been completed. In general though you can expect the following pieces in any dash kit:

  • Door controls
  • Shifter trim
  • Vents
  • Climate controls
  • Radio and/or navigation surrounds
  • Center console
  • E-brake and cup holders


More often than not, custom dash kits will contain many more pieces than those listed above. To get a really good idea about what's included we recommend checking out the dash kits we offer for the Solstice, Firebird, GTO and Montana.

Custom Dash Kits: Install & Share

Every custom Pontiac dash kit we make is meant for DIY installation and will make your ride shine like the day it rolled off the lot. Installation is simple and easy since all of the pieces are precut to your Pontiac's specs but we also include a detailed installation guide to help walk you through all phases of the process. In addition to the printed instructions included with the kit we alos offer a wide variety of installation videos for you to watch just in case you prefer seeing it done rather than reading about it.

It only makes sens that you buy a custom dash kit because you want to show it off. Our $20 Cash Back rebate gives you an even better reason to share your photos. Just send in 5 or more great photos of your installed dash kit and we'll send you your refund and post your pics to our blog and site.

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