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    Applying car, truck or SUV kits with a Burnishing tool allows you to slide or slip your film under the rubber Burnishing seal found on nearly all windows. This easy to use little car, truck or SUV tool is a happy additional to any DIY tool box and will aide in precut or sheet installation. The Burnishing tool is also an indispensable little helper in getting "fingers" out of window tint as well as pressing the film's adhesive down in hard to reach corners.

    Manufacturer Part Number: Burnishing Tool


    • Universal burnishing tools simply the job of removing tint from the clear liner
    • Easy to use, multi-function tool
    • Burnishing tool has wedge and pin ends perfect for handling and installing all films
    • Also known as pop and pick tools, they are the the pro installers first choice
    • This Universal burnishing tool is made from high-quality products for years of use

    This Universal burnishing tool makes the job of of removing your window film from the clear liner a simple and straightforward process. Most people will tell you to simply use a finger nail or even your teeth to peel up the leading edge of the film but when you do so you risk damaging the film and transferring dirt onto its adhesive side. Why make the job of tinting your windows more complicated than it has to be and risk ruining your hard work by getting oil and debris on the underside of the film when you can avoid all of those problems by using the right tools. The burnishing tool we carry is perfect for all types of film from window tint, to tail light tint to sign and carbon fiber vinyl. 

    At we want your experience with any of our products to be a memorable one in the best sense of the word which is why we not only offer a wide range of application products such as the Universal burnishing tool but world-class guides and instructions as well. In addition to our detailed installation guides, step-by-step instructions and comprehensive application videos we are also constantly updating our customer installation galleries so you can know what to expect before you buy. Add our stellar customer service which is available by email, chat and phone seven days a week and our unbeatable warranties and you have a total package that is beyond compare.

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