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    Sick and tired of having a boring kitchen? Want to blind yourself every time you head into the kitchen for a midnight snack? If so, Rwraps™ Chrome Vinyl Refrigerator Wraps are the answer to your prayers! Now you can wrap that ugly old fridge and give it a new lease on life without spending three months' pay on a new frdige. Choose from great chrome colors like Silver, Gold, Red, Green and more. Enjoy the real, polished chrome effect and wow your friends and neighbors with this qulity and eye-catching fridge wrap.

    Manufacturer Part Number: Rwraps-CHR

    Rwraps™ Chrome Refrigerator Wrap Features

    • Pressure-activated adhesives make for easier installation
    • Air-drain technology gives you bubble-free results without glues or slip solutions
    • Dual cast film doesn't discolor when installed
    • Buy by the foot and get only what you need.

    Ice Out Your Fridge with Rwraps™

    It used to be that if you wanted a chrome vinyl wrap you had to shell out a bunch of cash and buy from a big name like APA, Avery or 3M.  Now you can get the performance and durability of premium Chrome Fridge Wraps for much less. Wrap your Magic Chef, SMEG, Danby or any other brand of refrigerator your heart desires with the brilliant, mirror polished shine of Rwraps™ Chrome vinyl and treat yourself to a custom look that your friends will go crazy over.

    Chrome Fridge Wraps for DIY Enthusiasts

    If you're here it's safe to assume you're a do-it-yourselfer. Since that's the case, we don't expect that you have a garage full of specialty tools, adhesives and application fluids That's why our Rwraps™ Chrome Series is a self-adesive, pressure-activated film that features air-egress channels for no bubble results. In addition, this Chrome film has an invisible over-liner that protects the high-gloss, reflective finish until you've installed it.

    Chrome Vinyl Fridge Wrap Specifications

    • Color: Chrome
    • Finish: Mirror   
    • Installation Temperature Range: 75°F to 80°F (24°C to 32°C)
    • End Use Temperature Range: -65°F to 225°F (-60°C to 107°C)
    • Adhesives: Pressure-sensitive with air-release channels
    • Recommended Uses: Refrigerators Automotive, Architectural, Signage
    • Conformability: Flat, compound curves, convex and concave surfaces
    • Thickness: 3 mil (with removable, protective clear liner)
    • Application Type: Dry

    Cash Back for Your Chrome Refrigerator Pics

    Just write up a quick review of your wrapping experience and send in five or six high-quality, multiple angle shots of your Chrome wrap and we'll issue your rebate. We'll then pot your pics to our site and create a video montage for our YouTube channel. Fame and money, what more could you want?


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