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Custom dash kits are a great way for you to take control over the look and feel of your Subaru's interior. And, with over 60 premium custom dash kit finishes and colors there's a style to suit every need and taste. Choose from popular finishes like carbon fiber, wood grains, brushed aluminum, chrome and more and enjoy a true custom look that installs in under an hour and costs less than $100. don't pay hundreds to have your Subaru sprayed or dipped when you get better results with an Rdash™ trim kit as well as save time and money. Backed by a Lifetime Warranty and eligible for a $20 Cash Back rebate refund, hurry up and buy today!

Manufacturer Part Number: CDK-1973
  • Choose from over 60 unique dash kit finishes
  • DIY installation in under an hour
  • Simple, single-page instructions included with every kit
  • All custom dash kits are covered by a Lifetime Warranty
  • Eligible for a $20 Cash Back Rebate when you send us photos

Subaru Custom Dash Kits

Subaru custom dash kits are the perfect way to restyle, update, upgrade and personalize your interior. With over 60 premium custom Subaru dash kit finishes and colors to choose from you simply can't go wrong. Choose a carbon fiber dash kit for your WRX or Impreza, the understated look of brushed aluminum in your Forester or Tribeca, woodgrain in your Baja or Legacy or a chrome trim kit in your BRZ or Outback. You're really only limited by your imagination when it comes to choosing a custom Rdash® trim kit finish so be as bold and unique as the Subaru brand itself.

Why pay a so-called pro hundreds of dollars to paint or dip your Subaru's interior in a single, solid color? Not only can you get better results by using a DIY Subaru dash kit but you will pay much less and invest less time. That's right, for under $100 you can get a custom designed Subaru dash it made just for your year, make and model that will fit like a glove. Installation is a breeze and can be completed in les than an hour and if you ever want to resell your Subaru you can remove your Rdash® trim kit without causing damage. Don't try that with paint or poly kits!

Probably the only thing easier than installing your custom kit is ordering one on our website. Just use our convenient, drop down menu to select the year and model of your Subaru and then click on the custom kit. Choose your product options like color and finish, add any tools you might want and checkout. Shortly after you complete your purchase we'll follow up with an email asking you to provide more details about your Subaru's interior. Once we get his information from you we'll get right to work on your custom kit and will no longer be able to cancel or refund you. But, not worry! Every kit is designed to your specs and covered by a Lifetime Warranty and 7 to 21 business days your kit will ship right to your door!

Customize Your Subaru

When you buy a custom dash kit for your Subaru one of the first things you want to know is which pieces you'll be getting. Although we would love to be able to tell you we simply don't know the exact number or types of pieces your custom kit will contain until after we've finished the design. In general, however, we have found the following areas to be included in most kits:

  • Door trim
  • Transmission trim
  • Vent & defogger trim
  • Climate control trim
  • Radio trim
  • Center console trim
  • E-brake and cup holder trim


Typically, you can expect to see many more pieces in your actual kit which is why we also recommend checking out our other Subaru dash kits like the SVX, Justy, Crosstrek and Loyale.

Custom Dash Kits to Install & Share

Since your custom Subaru dash kit is designed to your specs understanding where each of the pieces goes is pretty much a no-brainer. Still, if you've never worked with an Rdash® product before, there are some things you should know before starting which is why we include a detailed instruction guide with every kit. Every aspect of the installation process is covered and walks you through cleaning and preparation through to installation and after care. In addition to our printed instructions we also have a selection of video tutorials for you to watch if you're more of a visual learner.

Once you've installed your custom dash kit we know you're going to want to show it off to all of your friends. But why stop there? We offer a $20 Cash Back photo rebate promotion when you send us in 5 or more high quality shots of your installed kit. Once we get them we'll issue your refund and then post your pics on our site and blog so thousands of people we'll get to see your Subie. A great looking interior, cash back and 15 minutes of fame! What could be better?

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