What is Knifeless Tape And How to Choose The Right One?

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Some technology comes around and changes the landscape, making a strenuous task much easier. For the longest time, applying a vinyl wrap was difficult because cutting the wrap left accidental knife marks. Why not just use a scissor? Some angles and curvatures make that impossible. But with a knifeless tape, that would be seamless and easy.

What is Knifeless Tape?

Knifeless tape is tape that has a self-adhesive strip infused with a fine, high-strength fiber filament or string that you can use to perfectly cut the vinyl wrap. It offers the convenience and efficiency of a regular blade without leaving any scratches or uneven cuts. Make your installation easier and see why most professionals have fallen in love with knifeless tape.

How Does It Work?

The idea of a tape that can smoothly cut vinyl wraps sounds great but there has to be some risk involved, right? Actually, it is completely safe and easy to use. There is a filament running down the center of the tape that you will remove and pull the string for a smooth and precise cut.

To use the knifeless tape, simply place the knifeless tape where you want to cut the wrap and then you apply the vinyl wrap. Next, grab the knifeless tape that isn’t covered by the wrap and bring it down. Break free the filament and use that to make a cut straight down. You will be left with some knifeless tape underneath the wrap. Slowly remove it and reapply the wrap and you are done.

Why Is It Better than Knives or Razors?

Not everyone is a fan of change. If something works, then why change it? The problem with knifes and razors is that they can leave cuts. Not everyone is a professional and don’t have years of experience. These people are going to make some mistakes because that is human nature. Besides making mistakes, knifeless tape gives you a straight cut leaving you with the perfectly symmetrical finish.

Brands of Knifeless Tape

  • 3M – Get a variety of options with 3M Knifeless tape. They offer different sizes and lengths so you can get the one that best matches your needs no matter what you are going for.
  •  VViViD – If you are a fan of VViViD and love their products, then great news for you. They also have knifeless tape. It is much shorter than 3M with only 32 ft of tape.
  •  Zanch – it is 1/8 inch wide, 16 ft long and will cut and trim your vinyl wraps as well as graphic decals. You will save a lot of time and prevent cutting into the vehicle paint.

  • Types of Knifeless Tape

3M™ Finish Line Knifeless Tape

The 3M Finish Line Knifeless Tape is perfect for getting a straight clean cut without the use of a blade. It is super durable as well as conformable that works great on most vinyl and graphic wraps. With the Knifeless Finish Line Tape, you will require a cutting tool to separate it from the rest of the roll due to its more robust and heavier composition.3

3M™ Perf Line Knifeless Tape

3M™ Knifeless Perf Line Tape gives you perfect trims, making it the best choice for laminated, perforated, digitally printed wraps, and perforated graphics. It also works great with regular vinyl so you don’t have to use two different types of knifeless tape. With the flexibility of the Perf Line Knifeless Tape, you will be able make turns along contours and the edges of any surface you apply it to.

3M™ Precision Line Knifeless Tape

3M™ Knifeless Precision Line Tape is essential when trimming metallic and chrome wraps. For 3M™ DI-NOC™ films, precision-rated graphics, and window films, Precision Line Knifeless Tape gives you a sharper line. It is great for both vinyl and non-vinyl film with its ability to closely follow contours and curvatures.

3M™ Tri Line Knifeless Tape

3M™ Tri-Line Knifeless Tape is made with three high-strength, ultra-fine filaments which create the straightest lines you will ever see. State of the art triple lined design is engineered to create consistent and accurate stripes across your vehicle. It is very flexible tape and will make contours and curves the easiest part of the installation.

Make Life Easier With a Knifeless Tape 

Why make installation difficult when tools like the Knifeless Tape exist? There are different types of knifeless tape for different situations so you will get exceptional results. You don’t need to be a professional to get a professional result with this tape. Make your life easier and get the straightest line with the knifeless tape and you will wonder why you didn’t make the change earlier!

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