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    Rwraps? White Snake Skin Vinyl Wraps are super-realistic vinyl films that give you the glossy, reptilian sheen of real white snake skin. You'll be amazed by just how realistic this wrapping film is when you run your fingers over the bumpy, scaly surface. Wrap anything you can think of with this self-adhesive wrapping film. Add an exotic look to architectural components, vehicle dashboards, iPads, iPhones and more. No need for messy application fluids or additional glues because this White Snake Skin vinyl is made using the latest, air-release adhesive technology. Just clean the surface, heat the film and squeegee on! Ships to you within one business day and eligible for our $20 Cash Back rebate.

    Manufacturer Part Number: rwraps-SNK-002

    White Snake Skin Vinyl Features

    • Air-release, pressure-activated and high-gloss textured film
    • Heat-sensitive film for extreme curves
    • 3 mil thick (.0084") for ease of use
    • Warranty backed and UV-coated
    • Yours  in 12, 24 and 60-inch widths.

    Rwraps® White Snakeskin Film

    With Rwraps® White Snake Skin vinyl wraps you can  make up your mind and not waste no more time. Get down to business and completely restyle your car, truck or SUV with this 3D, high-gloss vinyl wrap that's ultra-realistic. In fact, this White Snakeskin film is so life-like that no one will be able to tell it's not the real thing. Buy it by the foot in three widths and in rolls up to ten yards in length so you get only as much as you need. Rwraps® White Snakeskin vinyl is made using air-drain adhesives so you don't have to use any messy glues or noxious application fluids. Simply clean the application area, use some heat from a hair dryer or heat gun and squeegee on.

    Snake Skin Vinyl Application Ideas

    This Rwraps® White Snakeskin film can be applied to any hard, non-porous surface. If, like the band White Snake, you sometimes feel like you were born to walk alone and you've made up your mind, you ain't wasting no more time, pick up a roll of Rwraps® White Snakeskin to wrap the following:

    • Dashboards and interior trim
    • Briefcases and luggage
    • iPhones, Androids and tablets
    • Architectural elements
    • Use them in vinyl cutters to make lettering and decals

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    We want to see all the ways you can use our Rwraps® White Snake Skin vinyl and we're willing to pay you up to $20 for your pics. Just snap fie or six high-quality photos and write p a quick review. Then email or upload them to our site and we'll issue your Cash Back Rebate refund.

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