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Before You Begin

Please take a moment to read and understand the installation process of your window tint kit. If any process is unclear please feel free to contact us.

Required Tools

In order to achieve professional looking results, we recomend using the proper installation tools. The list below is recommended, although there are many different ways to install your kit using alternate methods. These are the ones we recomend.

  1. A heat gun turned to the highest heat setting (many tinters use two strapped together to cover a wider area)
  2. A Professional Window Tint Application Kit which includes the following items:
    • The application squeegee will reduce air bubbles and aide in heat conforming the tint.
    • The utility knife will allow you to trim your tint kit around third brake lights.
    • 16oz application solution will allow you to position the film properly for application.
    • Low lint cloth will allow you to remove dirt on your windows for a professional result.
    • The Nylon Scrubby will clean all dirt and debris promoting adhesion to your windows.
If you choose not to purchase the Professional Window Tint Application Kit from Rvinyl.com, you should purchase all of the items above separately for a successful installation.

Vehicle Preparation

Window tint strips or visors should always be installed in a garage or other enclosed area that is shielded from wind as it can make installation significantly more difficult. In addition, dust and other contaminants can ruin the film when the adhesive side is exposed to the air so you always want to install in a controlled environment to obtain the best results. Remove any parts of your vehicle which are in contact with the glass surface area. You may need to remove inner plastic pillars, tape back the felt window draft guard or even remove the door panel trim or rear view mirror to ensure good access to your window.

Surface Preparation and Cleaning

Your tint job will only be as good as your glass cleaning and preparation which is why it is of the utmost importance to remove all dust, oil and residues. You simply cannot over-clean when preparing to tint windows. After cleaning both the outside and the inside of your front windshield with the soap and water solution and a lint free cloth you will want to use a razor to scrape off any residue. Never use the same blade twice and check the blade for imperfections or nicks which may scratch the glass before use. Wash the windshield (inside and out) for a second time and use the razor to remove any soap residue. Spray the glass with your solution one last time and squeegee it dry with the Conqueror. Dry the window with the lint-free cloth.

Preparing the Film

Spray the outside of the front windshield with the slip solution. While spraying the tint strip with slip solution, slowly unroll it on the outside of the front window, liner-side facing up. If it is a precut tint you can heat shrink the tint and remove the fingers by following the tips below. If the kit is a universal visor strip you will simply line up the strip with one edge and roll it over the windshield until it is seated on the outside of the window. Once it is in the correct position use your razor to trim it to the size and shape of the window. Lift your heat-shrunk sun strip and carefully bring it into the interior.

Mist down the air and the windshield in the interior to control dust and static being sure to spray your fingers and carefully and slowly lift a corner and begin to peel the liner, do not completely remove it to aide in film handling and installation. Be careful not to crease or tear your precut tint. Mist the adhesive side of the film, being careful not to touch it. If you let the dry adhesive touch itself once the liner is off then you will need to reorder discounted replacements as the film will be ruined so be sure to spray the adhesive as you peel.

Installing the Windshield Visor Tint

Carefully position the film around any obstacles. The more it gets bumped or the edges lift from touching something, them more contamination will be drawn under the film

To lay in the precut tint, roll it up and reverse the liner and roll it out onto the prepared inner surface. Squeegee it out, etc. Fingers or creases at the top and bottom will appear. Use the trouble-shooting tips to remove fingers.

Trouble-Shooting Tips: Removing Fingers

You must use a heat gun on high setting, a hair dryer will not work. You are only shrinking the finger itself, just pass the heat gun over the finger quickly until you see it distort slightly, then smooth it out. If you spend just a moment too long over the finger it will burn, or shrink unevenly. The trick is not to crease the film when you smooth it, so the first time use a rolled up paper towel to smooth the finger down to keep the film wet against the glass, otherwise larger fingers will bind and crease if you use the application card first, repeat the process with a grey application card.

Note: The film will only shrink properly if the fingers are aligned with the grain of the film. As you unroll film from side to side the proper grain direction is up and down, i.e. If you have a window 45" wide horizontally and 18" vertically, using a 20" roll, the fingers need to point up and down toward the straight factory cut edge. Fingers always need to be moved toward the factory edge. Squeegee a horizontal anchor onto the glass to anchor the middle and sides moving all the excess to vertical fingers.